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Download AppEven on iOS- The Best Alternatives to TweakBox & TutuApp

Are you finding it hard to get apps and games on iOS due to the security restrictions? Well, here is some good news for you. AppEven is an app installer for iOS that gives you every app you are missing out on in the Apple app store. There is a great range of third-party apps and games which can be downloaded for free on all iOS devices. AppEven iOS ensures that you get the apps without jailbreaking the iDevice.

AppEven for iOS lets you add more features to the iOS device by installing certain apps. You can customize the device without restrictions using this amazing app installer. AppEven is found to be the most reliable app store alternative and could replace TweakBox, TutuApp, etc. In this article, we provide you an easy method to download AppEven on iOS.

How to Download AppEven on iOS

AppEven is an excellent app store which provides you with hundreds of third-party apps, games, emulators, etc for free. This is a must-have if you want to enjoy your iOS devices limitlessly. Follow the steps below to download AppEven on iOS.

First of all, you have to open the URL given here: App Even using the Safari Browser.

This will give you the official AppEven website. You need to hit the Download button in here.

AppEven for iOS will be downloaded within no time.

Now, you have to open the Settings of your iDevice.

You need to click on the Profile & Device Management option in here.

From the menu, choose the AppEven profile.

You need to tap on the Trust option for AppEven to turn it on.

AppEven app store is successfully installed on iOS. There are many features that you can get on your iDevices through this app. You should surely download AppEven on iOS to enjoy the huge number of apps and games in it.

Features of AppEven on iOS

AppEven is the best app store alternative in the market. With a great bunch of apps and games that cannot be found elsewhere, AppEven has attracted a lot of iOS users. Here are some features of AppEven iOS.

It contains an enormous library of tweaked and modded apps, games, etc.

They can be downloaded at the highest speed.

All the third-party apps are available for free.

There is no need to jailbreak the iOS device.

It is a user-friendly app that provides enhanced experience on iOS.

You can change the looks of your iDevice and add more functions to make it advanced. Even the apps and games from different device platforms can be downloaded for free using AppEven on iOS with this alternative link.


Is AppEven free to download?
Yes, you can install AppEven and all the apps in its database for free on iOS.

Will AppEven void the warranty of iOS devices?
No, AppEven does not require jailbreak and hence will not void the warranty of the iDevices.

Can you download AppEven on Android?
Yes, AppEven gives third-party apps and games on Android as well.

Does AppEven iOS cause damage to the device?

Not at all. There are no errors at all in AppEven and also does not interfere with the iDevice in any manner.

Conclusion- Download AppEven on iOS

AppEven is the best choice if you want to get third-party, tweaked and hacked apps on iOS. The app is completely safe and you can install the apps without jailbreak. There are many modded apps and games available for iOS using AppEven. They are available in the best quality.

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