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DoorDash launches hourly rates and location sharing for couriers


DoorDash is making a big change to the way couriers are paid. In a statement on WednesdayDoorDash says it will give couriers the ability to earn hourly rates on top of tips.

With the update, couriers will now see the ‘earn on time’ option, which offers a guaranteed minimum hourly rate for the time they spend delivering. According to DoorDash, the clock starts once a carrier accepts an order and stops when it’s delivered.

DoorDash couriers can choose the ‘earn on time’ option.
Image: DoorDash

That marks a major shift from the way things are currently set up, with couriers earning a base salary based on various factors about an order, such as time, distance and desirability. Not each order has the opportunity to earn hourly rates; however, as DoorDash states, carriers can only enable it at the “start of each dash where Earn by Time is available”.

In addition, DoorDash is rolling out a location sharing feature that will allow couriers to share their real-time location with up to five contacts. This should give couriers peace of mind as they follow their routes, as friends and relatives can track their location and call emergency help if needed. It also builds on DoorDash’s existing safety features, including reminders for customers to turn on their porch lights when they expect an order, and a way for couriers to ditch rude customers without consequence.

Another useful update is a “Dash Along the Way” option that allows couriers to pick up orders en route to a specific destination. There’s also a new tipping option that allows customers to tip after checkout — or boost the tip they’ve already given.

Dashers can also share their real-time locations with up to five contacts.
GIF: DoorDash

As for the user, there are a few noteworthy updates to the DoorDash app. That includes a new search option that lets you search for items in restaurants, grocery stores, and retail locations. Meanwhile, a new Browse tab lets you browse categories of food, drink, pet supplies, beauty products, and other products if you haven’t decided what you’re looking for yet.

But my personal favorite feature coming to DoorDash is the multi-cart option. This means you can fill multiple shopping carts with different products and DoorDash saves your progress each time, which can come in handy when preparing orders throughout the week. DoorDash is also adding support for online SNAP/EBT payments at supported stores, including Aldi, Safeway, Meijer, and 7-Eleven.

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