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Donald Trump’s tears in “dirty police officers” and “dishonest bastards” at the FBI Phoenix campaign meeting

President Donald Trump cursed “dirty police” and “unfair bastards” in the FBI during a campaign in Phoenix after an extraordinary week in which his attorney general warned him to comment on criminal cases.

He made the remarks at another of his energetic campaign meetings, which his campaign team had partly planned to combat the Democratic debate. But the president seemed more interested in destroying the people who oversaw what he calls the Russia “hoax” in his meandering hour and 22-minute speech.

They’ve been spying on my campaign, Trump told a cheering crowd of supporters in Phoenix, referring to surveillance by a former campaign advisor.

“And after they spied, we won … It has never happened before. And we cannot let that happen. We can never apologize. We can never get away with it, “Trump said.

“Those at the top, they were absolutely scum,” Trump said

President Donald Trump greets supporters after arriving at Palm Springs International Airport in Palm Springs, California, heading for a fundraiser in Rancho Mirage, California, Wednesday, February 19, 2020

President Donald Trump greets supporters after arriving at Palm Springs International Airport in Palm Springs, California, heading for a fundraiser in Rancho Mirage, California, Wednesday, February 19, 2020

He said that if FBI officials had done what the authorized person had done against his campaign against liberal democrats, “They would have been in prison for 50 years.”

It was one of the harshest language of his rally, except for repeated attacks on the “Fake News.”

He even reserved a long riff for rich hedge financier Tom Steyer, who did not come on the debate due to a bad survey.

“Blame the president! This guy has spent a fortune on this stuff, “said Trump about the impeachment-driven campaign under pressure from Steyer.

Trump repeated a worn-out riff about former vice president Joe Biden who drew small crowds.

“I hear he’s being pounded tonight,” Trump said of Biden. Earlier, his son Donald Trump Jr. tore into the work of Hunter Biden in Ukraine – which was part of the democratic accusation that resulted in the acquittal of Trump in the Senate controlled by the Republicans.

But he went no further than his usual insults from “Crazy Bernie” and “Pocahontas” – the stain he attached to Senator Elizabeth Warren.

“I’m not going to criticize them tonight. Let them go on, “Trump said.

He mocked Democrats because they had messed up the number of votes in Iowa and doubted how the election would take place in Nevada on Saturday.

“I hear bad things about their voice count in Nevada.

“I have heard many bad things happen,” Trump said and predicted problems.

A week ago, Attorney General Bill Barr Trump warned of tweeting about criminal cases after he was accused of prosecutors working on the trial against Roger Stone.

About 80 minutes after his speech, he started a notorious asphalt meeting at Phoenix airport between Bill Clinton and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch – an episode that was criticized for showing the appearance of a conflict. Clinton and Lynch denied during their visit about the email scandal of Hillary Clinton.

“What do you think he was doing with the Attorney General?” Trump asked.

“There are a lot of crooked things going on,” he suggested. “She was a real beauty,” he said, rejecting Lynch.

Trump praised a roaring stock market and employment gain to hammer home his message that the country will not vote for change.

“The country has had the best year it has ever had – oh let’s get a new president, let’s get Crazy Bernie,” Trump said, laughing and cheering from his loyal followers.

“We’re going to achieve a big, big election victory,” he promised. “I don’t think the Republian Party has ever been more united than it is now,” Trump said.

Trump also tore into astronaut Mark Kelley, who runs into Republican Martha McSally, who accused Democrats of having an “agenda of socialism.”

“He wants to raise your taxes, open your borders, give away free health care to illegal immigrants and he wants to destroy your second amendment,” Trump said of Kelly.

Trump repeatedly exaggerated the size of his crowd. He said there were 25,000 people there, while the arena only has 14,000 people. He said that 21,000 people had been sent outside. The fire department told DailyMail.com that there were long lines to come in, but even when Trump spoke, there were benches with empty seats in the back of the arena.

“We haven’t had an empty seat since your great first lady came down the escalator,” Trump told the crowd.

Donald Trump Jr. previously warmed. the crowd to songs from ’46! “From the crowd. He mocked Bloomberg and confronted the “New York billionaire” with his father. He said that Trump “made do with workers,” while Bloomberg built his empire “with computer screens.”

He mocked an analysis from the early presidency of Trumps, which showed that he used the vocabulary of school time in most speeches. “No, he just doesn’t have to pretend he’s the high falutin that all people are,” he said.

He greeted a few attendees who had worn a firefighter to get a World War II veteran in his seat for the rally.

The Trump attacks followed on days of extraordinary developments in the White House and in the Democratic race.

The president repeatedly denounced the Mueller probe “hoax” and defended Attorney General Bill Barr’s urge that his tweets on criminal cases make it “impossible” for him to do his job.

Trump responded with even more tweets – including an appeal to Stone, who was found guilty of lying to Congress about his contacts with WikiLeaks and witnessing tampering, to get a new trial.

Thousands of Trump supporters lined up to support the 14,870-seat Memorial Coliseum in Phoenix.

The event came after Trump had tormented Bloomberg for days, mocked him as “mini Mike,” and called his news service “corrupt.”

In previous days, Trump lashed out at enemies, used his pardon for former Illinois governor, Rod Blagojevich, and destroyed prosecutors who suggested imprisonment for advisor Roger Stone. He also continued his cleansing after the accusation with the forced resignation of a top Pentagon planner who had declared that Ukraine was eligible for US military assistance.

Even before Wednesday, Democrats launched attacks on each other. Candidates piled on Bloomberg, who saw his polls rise, trying to “buy” the election.