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Donald Trump says he’ll continue his 2024 White House run even if he’s CONVICTED

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Donald Trump has said he will continue his run for the White House in 2024 even if he is found guilty of illegally keeping classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago home.

The former president, 76, has vowed to ‘never quit’ the political sphere as he continues his campaign to secure the Republican ticket for the next election.

trump said policy on his plane today: “I will never leave. Look, if I had left, I would have left before the original race in 2016. It was tough. In theory, this was not feasible.

On Friday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) unveiled 37 charges against him in its classified documents case.

Even if Trump theoretically became a convicted felon or went to jail, he would not be legally barred from running for president.

Donald Trump is pictured in Georgia today after delivering a speech. He has now vowed to keep running even if convicted

A photo, released by the US Department of Justice, shows boxes of documents stored in a bathroom at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club in Florida in early 2021

And he confirmed that a conviction would not slow him down in his 2024 campaign.

As of June 9, Trump is still the polling favorite among Republican candidates – with a 32-point lead over second-place Ron DeSantis.

Trump also took a dig at the people bringing charges against him today, adding, “They’re thugs and degenerates…are after me” as he continued to firmly maintain his innocence.

He told Politico: “I don’t want to be charged. I’ve never been charged. I’ve been through my whole life, now I get charged every two months. It’s been political.

Trump appeared in Georgia today after it was revealed that Trump left classified documents strewn about his bathroom and the Mar-a-Lago ballroom stage and bragged to his aides of taking military secrets, according to the incredible indictment unsealed by the Justice Department on Friday.

Extraordinary new photos revealed in the damning dossier claim that Trump’s valet, Walt Nauta, entered a storage room and found ‘Five Eyes’ intelligence files on allies including the UK and the US. ‘Australia, spilled on the ground.

The ex-president lamented that President Joe Biden had more boxes of documents in his possession than he should have taken from the White House, and said the DOJ refused to investigate the matter.

Donald Trump stands with Marjorie Taylor Greene as he prepares to leave Columbus, Georgia

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Donald Trump made his first public appearance since his indictment documents were unsealed

The DOJ’s 49-page indictment against Trump was unsealed on Friday and accuses him of mishandling classified documents after he left office in 2021, as well as obstructing justice

He claims he stored the documents – 184 of which contained classified information in a ballroom and bathroom at his compound, among other locations

Of the 37 counts, 31 counts relate to the willful withholding of national defense information under the Espionage Act. He will appear in Miami court on Tuesday afternoon and has already said he will plead not guilty.

The details exposed are far more damning than first thought and could put Trump in serious legal jeopardy with the potential of decades in prison if convicted.

Trump said the indictment was unsealed on Friday because he was getting ‘too hot’ for President Biden, which in the former leader’s words means he had failed too much and had need to focus on him.

He predicted that the DOJ will soon reveal a petty accusation against Biden’s son, Hunter, to display their supposed “fairness.”

“Next Hunter will probably be charged with a very minor offense so the FBI and DAOJ (sic) can pretend they are fair,” Trump told friendly listeners.

“They want to pretend they’re fair – ‘We’ve got Hunter for J-walking’ – while ignoring corruption, money laundering and other major crimes involving crooked Joe Biden.”

In Georgia today, Trump attacked the ‘corrupt’ and ‘armed’ Justice Department, telling the rally, ‘Every time I fly over a blue state, I get a subpoena.’

“We want him in front of a grand jury,” Trump said in a voice mimicking Democrats who want to see him behind bars.

“The only good thing about it is it got my poll numbers up, can you believe that?” he half-joked.

Rep. Greene, invited onstage by Trump during his speech, said: “It’s something you know, it’s something I know – President Trump is beating Biden in poll after poll after poll.”

“Let’s put Trump back in the White House for four more years,” she told the crowd as they broke into a chant of “four more years.”

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