Donald Trump demands that Adam Schiff resigns for & # 39; fraud & # 39 ;, revitalize the & # 39; Liddle & # 39; attack

Donald Trump rages against Adam Schiff who reads a parody version of his telephone conversation in Ukraine in which he demands that he resigns due to & # 39; fraud & # 39; – and accuses CNN of the & # 39; hyphen & # 39; dropping by insulting Schiff as & # 39; Liddle & # 39; Adam & # 39;


Donald Trump broke loose on House Intel chairman Adam Schiff on Friday to read what the congressman later described as a & # 39; parody & # 39; to the President's appeal with Ukraine during a hearing in Capitol Hill without characterizing it at the time.

Trump said that Schiff should resign from his seat in California at the House of Representatives.

He wrote: & # 39; He was desperate and he was caught. Adam Schiff therefore lied to Congress and tried to deceive the American public. He has been doing this for two years. I call on him to resign immediately from Congress on the basis of this fraud! & # 39;

The president was on the warpath against Schiff and CNN, who he accused the & # 39; hyphen & # 39; to drop in his attack on & # 39; Liddle & # 39; Adam Schiff.


& # 39; I used the word Liddle & # 39 ;, not Liddle, when describing Corrupt Congressman Liddle & # 39; Adam Schiff & # 39 ;, he argued.

His attack was immediately popular on Twitter when users pointed out that he wanted to claim that the network had nicknamed his apostrophe and not a hyphen and that he had spelled the word incorrectly.

Schiff pissed on Trump at a Thursday hearing where lawmakers urged the acting director of National Intelligence to explain why the administration was trying to "lock" the transcript of a call between Trump and the Ukrainian president, according to a whistleblower complaint .

& # 39; I have a favor that I want from you, & # 39; Schiff read aloud without revealing that he was about to read from a parody of the call. & # 39; And I'm only going to say this seven times, so you better listen. I want you to make up for my political opponent, you understand? A lot here and there. & # 39;


Trump asked for a favor, but he did not use the wording in a rough transcription that the White House had released and that Schiff started using as he mocked him as he read a piece of paper that made some believe he shared verified information.

& # 39; Rep. Adam Schiff fraudulently read to Congress, with millions of people watching, a version of my conversation with the President of Ukraine that does not exist. He would have read the exact transcribed version of the phone call, but he completely changed the words to make it sound terrible, and I sound guilty, & said the president Friday morning.

He said at another point his attack on Schiff that he intentionally & # 39; Liddle & # 39; mentioned instead of & # 39; Little & # 39; while responding to a comment that he had apparently watched on CNN.

& # 39; To show you how unfair the LameStream Media is, I used the word Liddle &, not Liddle, when describing Corrupt Congressman Liddle & # 39; Adam Schiff. Low ratings CNN deliberately removed the hyphen and said that I didn't spell the word much wrong. A small but never-ending situation with CNN! & # 39; he claimed.

In that tweet, he spelled a word wrong – & # 39; describe & # 39; – the e omitted and replaced by an error i.


He sent out corrected versions of his Schiff tweets, while Twitter users blamed him for mistakes while complaining about his reporting.

Trump turned to Schiff on Thursday after the acting director of the national intelligence service testified at an open hearing on Capitol Hill. The president told the traveling press that he had heard part of the hearing before leaving his penthouse in New York City.

& # 39; We have done so many things that are so incredible with tax cuts and regulations. And I have to endure Adam Schiff on an absolutely perfect phone call to the new president of Ukraine. That was a perfect appeal, & said the president on the asphalt at Joint Base Andrews after landing near Washington.

The president refused to answer questions from journalists – he just wanted to swear at his Capitol Hill enemy.

Trump said that Schiff should investigate payments that the son of former vice president Joe Biden received from a Ukrainian company while it was being investigated.


& # 39; But Adam Schiff is not talking about Joe Biden and his son running away with millions of dollars from Ukraine and then millions of dollars from China. Run away – in a quick meeting, run away with millions of dollars, & he fumed.

& # 39; He is not talking about Joe Biden who fired a prosecutor, and if that officer is not fired, he will not give him money from the United States of America. They don't talk about that. & # 39;

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