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Donald Trump brags his shot of his face will become ‘the most famous in world history’

Donald Trump boasts that his selfie will become ‘the most famous in world history’ and plans to use it to raise millions for his presidential campaign, Siddig claims.

  • The Trump ally says he will use mugshot merchandise to fund the next presidential campaign
  • Trump reportedly has more than $100 million ready to fund his 2024 bid

Donald Trump believes his avatar will become ‘the most famous in the history of the world’, and plans to use it to raise millions for his presidential campaign, a friend claimed last night.

The photo will stick on coffee mugs, tea towels, posters, t-shirts and flags.

Tony Holt-Kramer, a friend of Trump for more than a decade and head of the Hooters support group, told the Department of State: “President Trump and his supporters know that the avatar epitomizes the witch-hunt against Mr. Trump and is symbolic of all that is wrong with the banana republic that became (President) Biden.” America.

The image shows a fake image created by artificial intelligence as Trump allies claim he believes his image will become the most famous of all

And they continued: “President Trump knows that his face will become the most famous image ever in the history of the world.

It is something that will become a symbol of the left’s attack on Trump and any attempt to use it to humiliate him will backfire spectacularly.

Everyone wants that. Even his critics.

After news of the impending indictment broke last Thursday, money began pouring into Trump’s re-election coffers.

A source close to the former president said $4m (£3.2m) had “flowed” from “every state in America”.

Trump already has a war chest of more than $100m (£81m) to fund his bid for the 2024 presidential election.

A source said: ‘By Friday night there were over $4 million in donations and it looks like we’ll be raising $5 million by the end of this weekend.

Donations are pouring in from every state in America.

The source continued, “Plans are in place to offer photo-printed items on Trump’s official website.

“We hope these items will be available for sale within 48 hours of being charged.”

Referring to the famous 1995 photo of actor Hugh Grant, taken shortly after he was arrested for ‘lewd conduct’ with prostitute Devine Brown, the source said: ‘The Hugh Grant photo got iconic but you haven’t seen anything yet.

Once the presidential election campaign begins, you will see Trump’s image everywhere.