Donald and Melania Trump pose with the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky


March 2014: Joe Biden is de facto special envoy for Ukraine, hit by the crisis by the Russian annexation of Crimea the previous month

April 2014: Hunter Biden joins the board of directors of Burisma Holdings, one of the largest natural gas companies in Ukraine. The same month, the owner, Mykola Zlochevsky, frozen $ 23 million on London bank accounts by British authorities on suspicion of money laundering. Biden was fired from the navy in February for positive cocaine testing

January 2015: British court releases the money after the office of the Ukrainian prosecutor, Vitaly Yarema, tells Zlochevsky that there is no court case against him. In September, the ambassador of the Obama administration in Kiev will face the new public prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, for the move and demand a misconduct investigation into his office.

May 2016: Joe Biden, after demanding repeated trips to Ukraine to remove Shokin for non-corruption investigations, a message borne by the IMF, threatens to withhold $ 1 billion in loan guarantees if the prosecutor is not removed; the public prosecutor has been fired

March 20, 2019: Clinton Cash author Peter Schweizer publishes Secret Empires: How the American political class hides corruption and enriches family and friends, alleged misconduct by Joe and Hunter Biden

April: Hunter Biden leaves Burisma on an unknown date. He had received no less than $ 50,000 a month


April 25: Joe Biden is officially taking part in the presidency race

May 1: A report from the New York Times highlights the transactions of Hunter Biden in Ukraine. The next day, Trump's attorney Rudy Giuliani tweeted: & Biden conflicts are too obvious to be ignored and must be investigated quickly and quickly. But the most important question is how deep and how high has the alleged conspiracy been in Ukraine? & # 39;

May 7: The career diplomat who serves as an American ambassador to Ukraine is recalled. Separately, Bloomberg reports that the Burisma investigation was suspended in 2014 before Shokin was a prosecutor, and that there were no US demands to close it

May 20th: Volodymyr Zelensky is sworn in as president of Ukraine

June: Rudy Giuliani meets an official of the Ukraine public prosecutor in Paris, he tells the Wall Street Journal. The date is unknown

Start of July: $ 250 million US military aid to Ukraine is being secretly put on ice, despite approval from Congress, the reports of the New York Times

July 1st: Hunter Biden tells the New Yorker he is a recovering drug addict and that father has only discussed Burisma with him once. & # 39; Dad said, "I hope you know what you're doing," and I said, "I know."


July 24: Robert Mueller testifies to the congress

July 25: Donald Trump calls on Ukrainian President Zelensky. He pressures him eight times to investigate Hunter Biden and collaborate with Giuliani. The two will meet in Poland on 2 September during a commemoration of the Nazi invasion in 1939

July 27: Kurt Volker, the special envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs between Ukraine and Russia, visits Kiev and meets Zelensky. He tells reporter that the country & # 39; the rule of law & # 39; need

3 August: Giuliani meets Andriy Yermak, an ally of Zelensky in or near Madrid, and tweets from Santa Cruz del Retamar, 40 miles from Madrid. He asked Volker to set up the meeting, what he did, and then informed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about this but said he was acting & # 39; in a personal capacity & # 39;

August 12: The inspector general of the intelligence community, Michael Atkinson, receives a complaint from a & # 39; member of the intelligence community & # 39; – someone who works for one of the 17 agencies including the CIA and the FBI, but not the White House or Congress


August 15: Dan Coats serves his last day as director of National Intelligence, and is replaced by in an acting capacity by Joseph Maguire

20th of August: Trump says it & # 39; appropriate & # 39; would be if Russia would join the G7 again

August 26: Atkinson forwards the complaint to Maguire, which he is legally obliged to do if he & # 39; urgently & # 39; and & # 39; credible & # 39; finds

August 28: Politico reveals $ 250 million in military aid is on ice

2 September (Labor Day): Mike Pence, in place of Trump during the Polish trip, tells Zelensky that he and Trump have great concerns about corruption in Ukraine. The legal term for Maguire to pass the complaint to Congress expires


September 3: Bipartisan group of senators write to Mick Mulvaney, Trump & # 39; s budget director and chief of staff, demands military aid is frozen

September 9th: Inspector General writes to the intelligence committees of the House and the Senate and tells them that he has received a complaint from a member of the intelligence community – but not what it is

The same day: House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs and Oversight Committees – all led by Democrats – announce investigation into whether Trump has pressured the President of Ukraine to investigate the Bidens in his call of July 25 and used military aid as leverage

September 10: House Intel committee chairman Adam Schiff writes to Maguire and demands information about the complaint

September 12th: Trump administration withdraws $ 250 military assistance


the 13th of September: Maguire writes an unclassified letter to the intelligence committees stating that the complaint does not have to be disclosed because it was not a & # 39; He also says that the DNI lacks & # 39; unilateral authority & # 39; to send the complaint to Congress

September 13 evening: Schiff sues Maguire to testify. Democrat says the DNI office has refused to exclude that it is Trump and that it is an & # 39; field of active investigation by the & # 39; commission.

September the 17th: Maguire's general counsel writes to Schiff and tells him two important things. The first is that the complaint & # 39; related to behavior of someone outside the intelligence community and did not relate to intelligence activities under the supervision of the DNI & # 39 ;. This means that the DNI says that it is not the inspector general's fault at all. The second is that it concerns & # 39; confidential and potentially privileged matters that relate to the interests of other stakeholders within the executive branch & # 39 ;. And he says the conclusion has been reached after consultation with the Justice Department, led by Attorney General Bill Barr.

September the 17th: Atkinson writes to Schiff that he and Maguire & # 39; in an impasse & # 39; sit about the complaint. He calls the complaint & # 39; credible & # 39; and & # 39; urgent & # 39 ;, he says that the opinion of the IG is that it indeed relates to & # 39; an intelligence activity & # 39; but that the DNI's decision that it does not bind its hands. He says he has asked for Congress & # 39; the main topic & # 39; of the complaint, but that he was not allowed to do so

September 18th: Schiff writes to Maguire and says he will accept his testimony on September 26 & # 39; Trump & # 39; s communication with a foreign leader. & # 39;

19 September 9 am: Atkinson meets the House Intel committee behind closed doors. He tells them that the complaint certainly falls within his jurisdiction, but not what it is

19 September 10.47 am: Trump tweets a denial of misconduct and says: & # 39; … is someone stupid enough to believe that I would say something inappropriate with a foreign leader during such a potential & # 39; heavily populated & # 39; call. I would only do what is right and only do good for the US! & # 39;

September 19, 9 p.m. Rudy Giuliani admits to Chris Cuomo of CNN that he has asked Ukraine to investigate the Bidens. He claims that he acted as Trump's lawyer, but the President did not know beforehand

September 20 10.00 am: Trump tweets confirmation that the complaint is about Ukraine and denies public misconduct in the Oval Office saying: "It doesn't matter what I've discussed." He says: & # 39; Someone should investigate Joe Biden. & # 39;

September 20, 4 p.m.: The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, New York Times and Associated Press say that & # 39; former & # 39; officials tell them that Trump pressed Zelensky eight times. The White House counsel has announced that he has advised to keep the Congress complaint


September 20, 6.30 pm: Joe Biden calls it & # 39; clear corruption & # 39; and demands that a transcription of the call to Zelensky be published

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