Don Lemon says he doesn’t think CNN ‘was ever liberal’

CNN anchor Don Lemon has denied that the cable news network ‘was ever liberal’ — even as he admitted his new boss wants to get more ‘sensible Republicans’ to appear on the channel.

Lemon made this assertion Monday, after Stephen Colbert asked him questions about Chris Licht’s new CEO at the network.

‘Word is that you guys aren’t allowed to be libertarian anymore. Is that true? Colbert asked Lemon about his current role as CNN’s failing morning show host.

Lemon responded, “I don’t believe we ever were liberal,” Colbert appears shocked.  

Lemon continued by explaining that CNN has always tried to hold Republicans accountable.

Lemon stated that Chris wants Republicans to be sensible Republicans. He wants us to hold people accountable, but he also wants people to feel comfortable talking on CNN and appearing on CNN. 

Since taking over the company last spring, Licht  — who previously worked as the executive producer on Colbert’s late night show — has moved on-air talent to other shows, and has warned of upcoming layoffs.

He Brian Stelter, a divisive reporter in media, was also fired, along with John Harwood, a White House correspondent, who is well-known for his fervent anti-Trump views. 

It was widely believed that Licht was tapped to replace Jeff Zucker, the ousted CEO. This would have allowed the news network to get the opinions of Trump’s critics. 

But he has denied claims that he is trying to make the station more centrist, saying CNN needs to keep its ‘edge.’

CNN anchor Don Lemon claimed Monday that CNN was never liberal during an interview with Stephen Colbert

He Said He Thinks Cnn Has Only Ever Tried To Hold Republicans 'Accountable'

He said he thinks CNN has only ever tried to hold Republicans ‘accountable’

New Cnn Ceo Chris Licht Has Made Sweeping Changes To The Cable News Network Since He Took Over In May From Jeffrey Zucker, Who Was Forced To Resign

Chris Licht, the new CEO of CNN, has made major changes to the cable news network’s operations since taking over from Jeffrey Zucker in May.

Lemon stated that he believes Licht wants to make Republicans feel at ease enough to join the network.

He said, “So if someone invites you to your house, you want them comfortable. But also, by the nature of our actions, we have to hold them accountable.” 

‘And so that doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going liberal or conservative or whatever, it just means that we are doing what we do — and that’s good journalism.’

Lemon said that he believes as a journalist, it is sometimes necessary to be confrontational when speaking to his guests.

He said that he didn’t believe that a conversation on TV should be any different from a conversation in person.

“And I believe it’s also necessary that that’s done on television, on CNN. But you can do that without being too vitriolic.

He explained that you can agree without being disagreeable. “And so I think that’s the mission of our organization.

He This philosophy was put into practice when I interviewed Len Khodorkovsky, former Deputy Secretary of State about Trump’s meeting with Kanye West as well as Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

“Does the ex-president have to be condemned for his meetings with anti-Semites or for inviting anti-Semites and Anti-Semitism? Lemon asked Khodorkovsky, a Jewish man.

Khordorkovsky initially refused the question and only said: “Let me say it this way, I am sure the president isn’t anti-Semite.”

Lemon kept pressing him on the matter, until Trump finally said that he’shouldn’t’ have met Kanye West. 

Lemon Seemed Confrontational When Speaking To A Jewish Former Trump Official On Monday

Lemon appeared confrontational to a Jewish ex-Trump official on Monday

He Pushed Former Deputy Assistant Secretary Of State Len Khodorkovsky About Former President Donald Trump'S Meeting With Kanye West And Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes

He Len Khodorkovsky, former deputy assistant secretary of state, was asked about Trump’s meeting at Kanye West’s house and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

Lemon joins Poppy Harlow, Kaitlin Collins and Poppy Harlow as CNN’s morning anchors. She was previously a primetime anchor for the network.

Licht announced the shakeup nearly immediately after he assumed control of the company. His task was to find ways to reduce costs since the company’s revenue, advertising sales and profits had declined by almost half a trillion dollars since its peak.

But Lemon, who has become famous for his strong opinions, has denied the move was a demotion as the new CEO apparently tried to move the cable network more to the center — in line with founder Ted Turner’s idea of ‘making news the star.’

Don Lemon: This is not a suggestion that you should move to the right. You must keep your perspective in mind. Lemon claimed that none of that had happened after the announcement of his job switch. Lemon said that all of that was fodder to Twitter. 

“I was not promoted. All of this, he said. “This is an opportunity. This is a promotion. 

“This is an opportunity to create something around myself and I get to collaborate with two amazing ladies.” 

However, the show has struggled since its debut on the network earlier this month. The show was seen by less than 390,000.

These numbers pale in comparison to other shows, such as ‘Morning Joe on MSNBC’ which attracted 793,000 viewers. 1.5 million viewers were attracted to ‘FOX and friends’. 

The average viewership of ‘CNN This Morning was 50,000 lower than that of ‘New Day’, which had 71,000 viewers.

The morning show’s predecessor, “New Day”, brought in just more than 350,000 viewers during its final episode. However, that number only reached 75,000 among the network’s main audience of adults 25-54 years old.

Don Lemon Now Heads  New Morning Show With Fat Joe, Poppy Harlow And Kaitlin Collins

Don Lemon now heads  new morning show with Fat Joe, Poppy Harlow and Kaitlin Collins

The company’s profits have already been plummeting since its steaming service CNN+ was canceled in its infancy and after it lost some of its major anchors, such as Chris Cuomo and Brian Stelter. 

All major cable news networks have lost viewers following Trump’s election, but CNN has been the most affected.

CNN’s viewership dropped to 2015 levels by October. It was drawing in 430,000 viewers per hour at the end. The network lost 49 per cent of its viewers during the election night, which was once its dominant show. 

An unidentified CNN journalist said to the Financial Times, “We usually own the night.” 

According to sources familiar with the accounts, its cable news subscribers will also drop by around 6 percent this fiscal year. According to executives, they don’t expect this trend to change anytime soon since the decline last year was similar. 

CNN’s revenue decline has caused layoffs. ABC News and NBCUniversal also see this. 

Licht stated that it has been a very difficult year at a town hall meeting. The meeting was viewed by the Financial Times. “I spoke out in my first town hall about how the organization has been taking gut punches. Another gut punch is not what I want. And I’m sure we’re doing another gut punch right now. 

Licht Has Denied In An Interview With The Financial Times That He Wants To Make The Network More Centrist, Saying It Needs To Keep Its Edge

Licht told the Financial Times in an interview that he doesn’t want to make the network more centralist. Instead, he said it is necessary to retain its edge.

 CNN currently faces the largest political polarization among its audience members compared with other news sources. Licht seeks out to lessen the distinctive programming and to implement more informed opinions.

“If everything is a crises, then everything is 11. If everything breaks news, then nobody listens when there is actually an emergency. When you say: “No, no — really — the house is on fire now.”‘ 

In a recent interview, he said that he had not spoken to the media. Financial Times that he wants to make the network centrist, calling the idea ‘bulls**t.’

“One of the greatest misconceptions about my vision, is that it wants to be vanilla. I want to become centrist. That is bulls**t,’ he said.

Licht added: ‘In many cases, you take a side. Sometimes you just point out uncomfortable questions. But either way, you don’t see it through a lens of left or right.’ 

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