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Dog is dragged behind a scooter in Bali


WARNING TERRIBLE FOOTAGE: Sickening moment when a helpless dog is dragged behind a scooter in Bali

  • Balinese filmed woman on scooter dragging dog
  • An animal welfare organization said they had called the police

Horrifying footage of a small dog being dragged behind a scooter in Bali has sparked outrage among police who are now investigating.

The clip was filmed and shared on Instagram by Nang Bryan, 42, from Denpasar, who drove behind the woman earlier this month as he was on his way to collect his children from school.

The dog can barely keep up with the scooter, despite moving her legs violently, and she can be seen scraping the road as she is towed on more than one occasion.

A Bali resident on his way to pick up his children from school drove after the woman who was pulling her dog

Mr Bryan explained in the caption to the post, which has been picked up by several Australian and Indonesian news sites, that the dog’s leash appeared to be tied to the bike’s handle and that the woman only stopped when he confronted her.

She claimed the dog was too small to jump on the scooter, but when Mr. Bryan got ‘angry’, she picked up the animal and put her on the bike.

He added that he was in a hurry to pick up his children and therefore had not reported the woman to the authorities.

But after the clip went viral, an animal welfare group contacted him, while another Animals Hope Shelter Indonesia group separately said it forwarded the woman’s license plate number to police.

The pet could barely keep up and scraped the bitumen with its paws at points

The pet could barely keep up and scraped the bitumen with its paws at points

Police confirmed to local news outlet Coconuts Bali that they are investigating.

Animal cruelty in Indonesia can carry a prison sentence of nine months.

Commentators on the video were outraged.

“I really hope the dog is okay and can be rescued soon,” said one person.

“Who would do such a thing?” said another.

Some commenters even scolded Mr. Bryan, saying he should have done more to help the dog.

“Leave your phone in your pocket and save the innocent animal,” said one person.

“If you feel good enough about yourself, post the treatment or just do a good deed without showing the world,” they added.

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