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Does the high temperature of your PlayStation 5 affect its performance? Here are some solutions and tips


With the summer approaching and the weather getting hot, many gamers are facing a problem with their device overheating PlayStation 5which is considered an annoying problem that may affect the gaming experience significantly and cause a decrease in performance and make it vulnerable to malfunctions.

It is common knowledge that high temperatures of electronic devices itself is normal, but unusually high temperatures can lead to bigger problems such as game freezes or system hangs. So, below we will have a look at some tips that can be followed to deal with this problem.

Despite the technical development witnessed by electronic devices and the discovery of professional solutions in the field of cooling, the problem of high temperature in the basic parts of semiconductors and processors is still the main problem that may cause damage to them, because it directly affects their performance and accelerates their exposure to damage over time. Especially if there is a narrow cooling space that impedes air movement or poor cooling and dust accumulation, so it is always necessary to avoid overheating your device in order to maintain its performance and stability.

The normal temperature of the PlayStation 5

Usually, the temperature of the PlayStation 5 device in general is within the range of 35.1 degrees Celsius or slightly higher, depending on the surrounding environment and the state of the device in the idle state without running games, and it can reach 65 and 75 degrees Celsius without problems while playing games. Take into account the quality of the copy you own. Through this article here, you can learn about all the PlayStation 5 models that have been released so far.

Repeated tests by GamerNexus have shown that the PS5’s RAM alone can reach 92 degrees Celsius, which is dangerously close to the 105 degrees Celsius threshold that most electronic components have.

Here we would like to make an important point, which is that you can only measure the temperature of the device through an external sensor, as the PlayStation 5 does not provide a feature to see the temperature of the main board, processor, or even random memory, but you can know that a device is exposed to a high temperature when you notice Several points to take into consideration are as follows.

  • Continuous and permanent rise in the sound of the cooling fan.
  • Slow or choppy and noticeable decrease in gaming or device performance in general.
  • The device turns off suddenly.
  • A message appears on the screen that the device has reached a very high temperature, and here your device has reached a very dangerous stage.

Does the high temperature of your PlayStation 5 affect its

Solve or avoid the problem of the PlayStation 5 overheating.

Firstly: Ensure that the device is well ventilated. Placing the PS5 in a narrow or confined space may be blocking the airflow needed to cool the system. Move the device to a location that allows air to flow freely around it. You should also avoid placing it in an enclosed space such as a TV cabinet or bookcase, where heat build-up can lead to overheating.

secondly: Try to avoid excessive ambient heat. Placing the PS5 near intense heat sources such as televisions or powerful audio systems may affect its temperature. Try to provide enough space between the appliance and these sources to avoid negative thermal effect.

Third: Check the condition of the PS5’s internal fan. Dust may build up on the fan over time and prevent cool air from flowing efficiently. Therefore, it is recommended to gently clean the fan using compressed air to get rid of the accumulated dust. This helps to improve cooling performance and reduce device temperature.

Fourthly: Make sure your PS5 operating system is updated to the latest version. Software updates may provide improvements in system heat management and improved cooling performance. Check your system settings and make sure to download any new updates as they become available.

Fifth: If the PS5 overheating problem persists despite following the tips mentioned above, it is best to head to a professional service center or customer service to get the necessary assistance. There may be a hardware malfunction that requires repair or replacement.

Sixthly: Use a professional side cooling base or piece from a well-known company, as an external cooling base can be used to be placed under the PlayStation 5, as it greatly helps in improving the ventilation of the device and reducing its temperature.

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Seventh: It is best to avoid continuous work for long periods of time, as if you plan to play for a long time, you may want to give your device breaks from continuous work. You can turn off for a few minutes between sessions to allow the device to cool down.

Eighth: It is best to avoid stacking devices, as it is preferable not to place other devices above or below the PlayStation 5 when operating. Stacking devices may trap heat and increase device temperature.

Ninth: One of the most important things that maintain your device for long periods of time is to keep the device clean, so clean the PlayStation 5 regularly and remove any dirt or dust that could hinder good airflow inside the device. Here is a full article on how to organize the device in several stages here.

finally: allow company Sony In the PlayStation 5 devices, the possibility of installing an additional SSD storage unit expansion so that users can play new generation games through it with a performance identical to the performance of the internal storage unit built into the device., and it would be better to buy an SSD storage unit equipped with a very good quality heat sink.

It is also known that the SSD storage unit gets very hot during prolonged periods of use, and the design of the PlayStation device allows air to enter from it, so do not forget to install it well, but there is a mistake that some people make that may cause malfunctions or reduce the performance of the SSD storage unit. on the PlayStation 5 shortly after its installation.. To find out how to avoid this error, you can visit our article here.

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