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Does Richardson solve the Colts’ quarterback problem?


The Indianapolis Colts selected a quarterback in the 2023 NFL Draft. Anthony Richardson is considered very inexperienced. However, the 20-year-old is said to have huge potential.

As might be expected, Richardson, who played college at the University of Florida, was drafted early. Because the young signal caller only played 13 games in college, an accurate prediction of his position was not possible. Ultimately, the Colts picked him fourth.

The 20-year-old has very good athletic qualifications. His 40.5-inch (102.87 cm) vertical jump was the best performance by a quarterback in the NFL Combine since 2003. In addition to a quick start, the youngster is also credited with having a very strong arm.

Another of Richardson’s strengths is his running game. The 6’1″ gem had six rushes for 45 yards or more in college, including touchdowns of up to 81 yards.

NFL: Anthony Richardson wants to “improve”

“I know I have to get better,” Richardson told the NFL Network. “But I promise that I will work tirelessly on myself. I will improve. All you have to do is watch videos of me and you will know that I am not at the end of my capacity.”

In Indianapolis, Richardson meets head coach Shane Steichen. The 37-year-old last worked with Jalen Hurts at the Philadelphia Eagles. As the offense coordinator, Steichen managed to unleash Hurts’ potential. Can he do the same with Richardson in the Colts?

The new quarterback is said to be the worthy successor to Andrew Luck in Indianapolis. The 33-year-old surprisingly resigned a few weeks before the 2019 NFL season due to numerous injuries. Since then, the Colts have tried several experienced quarterbacks, including Matt Ryan and Philip Rivers.

In the search for a new leader, the team has probably struck gold with Anthony Richardson.

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