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Does Minecraft Make Your Child Smarter?

Does Minecraft make your child smarter? The short answer is yes it can. Minecraft is an immersive, educational game that was developed over a decade ago to introduce children to self-created avatars and virtual worlds. The sandbox style of play, where an environment and characters are created from scratch, helps children learn computer coding and virtual interaction.

Youngsters can craft characters by clothing them in Minecraft skins. Skins represent physical attributes, personality components, and even anthropomorphic or supernatural entities. These elements are accessed on Minecraft skin websites or as a Minecraft pack download. The child then uses rudimentary coding to create a winning character as well as construct mythical settings and scenarios.

Minecraft Aids Cognition

Minecraft challenges the child to thrive in a self-created world where there will be friends made, battles fought and empires built. Locations such as a forest, desert or seaside location are constructed of virtual blocks. The child then constructs communities that must survive misfortunes such as bad weather, enemy attack or fuel scarcity. 

The survivalist nature of Minecraft engages the intellect. Common sense, foresight and knowledge of math and science are required to locate needed resources. Interacting with other players in a way that encourages fruitful, rather than destructive outcomes is also necessary, or your kingdom will perish.

Minecraft Promotes Problem Solving Skills

A longitudinal 2013 Brock University study conducted with 1492 adolescents found that those who played strategy games such as Minecraft self-reported better problem solving skills and overall higher academic grades. This Canadian study concluded that playing games like Minecraft may enhance cognitive skills such as the ability to concentrate, comprehend instructions and deliver positive outcomes on time; skills needed to excel in school.

Minecraft Improves The Spatial Relation of Vision

Minecraft could improve your child’s judgment by helping to develop the spatial resolution aspect of visual processing. A 2007 University of Rochester study found that playing video games could help entrain the young mind to keep its focus on a target or goal, despite distractions. Players could quickly detect peripheral events better than non-players, indicating the development of fast mental processing; a skill that could help students become better drivers in the future.

Minecraft Teaches Basic Computer Coding

Minecraft teaches children computer coding, without them being overtly aware that they are learning, because the game is so much fun. Ultimately it can be described a simple digital design program that can be enhanced with a custom Minecraft skins download. 

Playing Minecraft hones the cognition of the growing mind by challenging children to encode characteristics into their avatar that will ensure the avatar’s survival. Part of that survival might be about finding Minecraft skins free, in order to continue to be a player in the game.

Sometimes survival in the Minecraft world depends on socializing with other players on the Minecraft network, who trade with each other and join teams. Access to skins and help from other players can be dependent on the brain’s ability to understand coding language, and also communicate effectively with others using computer language.

Coding is a skill that is not taught in elementary schools. However, this language is undoubtedly of great value in the future, when human intelligence might be quantified by the ability to converse with computer intelligence.

Minecraft Can Optimize Smart Skills 

So does Minecraft make your child smarter? It can in the sense that it helps children optimize aspects of their intelligence that may not have developed if the child had chosen to simply watch TV all day. Most humans are born with an intellect that has the potential to be maximized by playing games that enhance attention, focus, recall, spatial intelligence, fast reflexes and critical thinking. Learning how to navigate Minecraft skin websites and locate a custom Minecraft skin pack download teaches kids to make creative choices, problem solve and think “outside the box.” all markers of high intelligence.