<pre><pre>Doel reminds Lightning cables from its own brand of fire risk

Target has recalled 90,000 of its Highlight Lightning cables after receiving more than a dozen reports of the cables that smoke, spark or ignite. MacRumors reports. According to a reminder message issued by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, there have been two reports of cable burns by people, and they can also present a shock hazard.

The recall is bad news for Heyday, Target & # 39; s first ever consumer electronics brand. Talk to Forbes Last year, the executive vice president and chief merchandising officer of Target Mark Tritton said the "disruptor" brand was designed and developed internally at the retailer. The reminder message says that defective Lightning cables were already sold in June 2018, the same month Target launched the Heyday brand.

The USCPSC says that all customers with an affected cable should contact Target for a full refund. The cables are purple, green and blue in color, have the model number 080 08 8261 and were sold between June 2018 and January this year.