Doctors issue warning over ‘fake’ abortion pills being sold on eBay for just $20

‘Dangerous’ and cheap abortion pills are being sold to Americans on eBay after Roe V Wade was destroyed. found dozens of listings for tablets costing as little as $20 per course, most of which appeared to be made in or shipped from India.

Nearly all were marketed as “pregnancy kits,” presumably to avoid being tracked down by eBay’s prescription drug policies that prohibit their sale on the platform.

The sellers claimed that the kits contained mifepristone and misoprostol – two drugs that are part of the standard abortion prescription prescribed by doctors in the US.

Experts told that many women could turn to these pills as states roll back abortion rights after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade last summer. Some states have floated the idea of ​​banning these drugs.

A prescription for the drugs can cost between $150 and $1,100 from reputable sellers, prompting some desperate women to turn to the Internet.

Dr. Robert Fuller, a gynecologist at the University of Virginia, warned that these drugs could be counterfeit, contaminated with dangerous drugs, or come in improper doses and there is no way a woman could know before taking them .

Anonymous sellers on eBay sell abortion pills for $15 to $20 per cycle. This is significantly cheaper than the cost of controlled drugs in the US, which can exceed $1,000

There Are Dozens Of Vendors Offering The Drugs For $15 To $30 Per Course. Some Even Sell The Drugs In Bulk For A Discount

There are dozens of vendors offering the drugs for $15 to $30 per course. Some even sell the drugs in bulk for a discount

An eBay spokesperson told that “these items are prohibited under eBay’s prescription drug policies and this listing will be removed. Sellers who violate eBay policies face consequences up to and including permanent suspension.”

They are sold for prices between $15 and $30 – with promotional photos showing the full course of five pills.

Some offered a discount if someone bought the drugs in bulk, which could indicate they are being resold in the US.

Many of the pages inquired about have been removed since eBay was approached for comment.

Sellers are anonymous and the majority do not provide any information about their whereabouts or how they obtained the drugs.

Some listed their location as India, while others in unnamed locations have packaging with Hindi text.

Dr. Fuller warned that the lack of oversight and information about how the drugs are obtained and handled puts users at risk.

“When you get these drugs through alternative sources, you have to be very careful that they don’t get fake drugs,” he said.

“Some fake pills may not contain safe ingredients.”

He added that no one can guarantee that the drugs are safe to use.

There is no way to determine if a woman is even on the couple of drugs they believe are dying.

The most popular products were sold hundreds of times, with the top seller found by being bought 226 times.

Dr. Sachiko Ozawa, an associate professor of pharmacy at the University of North Carolina, told that these drugs have not been approved by US regulators in any way.

What was the June SCOTUS decision about and what does it mean for access to abortion?

Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization considered whether states could ban abortion before viability, the point at which survival outside the womb is possible, around 22 to 24 weeks gestation.

The case stems from a blocked 2018 Mississippi law banning procedures after 15 weeks, which abortion rights advocates alleged flagrantly violated the “viability” standard handed down in the 1992 case of Planned Parenthood v Casey.

When the court overturned the 1973 Roe v Wade decision, judges returned the power to control the proceedings to the states.

Now each state has the power to enact its own laws for access to abortion.

Abortion is now completely banned in more than a dozen states and many others set pregnancy limits.

Some, like the seller mrunal_31, do mention in product descriptions that the products are sold from India.

The seller page is one of the pages that has been banned since approached eBay.

Pictures on marketplace pages are nearly identical for many of these offerings, and the packaging often includes Hindi text – indicating they are being sold from India.

Both experts do not recommend using any medications purchased from these online stores.

While the combination of mifepristone and misoprostol is safe and effective for a drug-induced abortion, women who take too much of the drug can experience serious side effects.

Mifepristone is used first in the course of medicines. It is a hormone blocker that prevents the pregnancy from progressing.

Many women will experience nausea, vomiting, or other symptoms along with vaginal bleeding.

In some cases, a woman may bleed profusely and need to seek medical attention.

Dr. Fuller said overdosing on these drugs was nearly impossible, but taking too large a dose could make these symptoms worse.

Misoprostol should be taken 48 hours immediately after taking a dose of mifepristone. This drug causes the uterus to deflate and terminates the pregnancy within hours.

Dr. Fuller explained that while a woman is likely to experience cramping and other discomfort, there aren’t many serious side effects associated with misoprostol.

In some cases, a woman may be given another drug that is less effective or useless for abortions, or a dose that is not high enough to encourage termination of pregnancy.

“The drugs coming out of India are clearly not going through FDA approval in the US,” explains Dr. Ozawa out.

She also warns that no counseling is available for women using drugs at these retailers.

A woman who receives a prescription for the drugs will have a doctor to contact in case she develops serious side effects or needs additional advice.

Doctors often even let women take the first dose under supervision.

In these cases, a woman will not have a doctor who knows exactly what the contents of the pills they took were in case they run into problems.

Dr. Robert Fuller, An Obgyn At The University Of Virginia, Warned That These Products Could Be Counterfeit Or Contain The Wrong Dose.

Dr. Sachiko Ozawa, An Associate Professor Of Pharmacy At The University Of North Carolina, Warned That There Are Thousands Of

Dr. Robert Fuller (left), a gynecologist at the University of Virginia, warned that these products could be counterfeit or contain the wrong dose. Dr. Sachiko Ozawa (right), an associate professor of pharmacy at the University of North Carolina, warned that there are thousands of “rogue pharmacies” operating outside of FDA oversight

‘[These] websites don’t always provide information about side effects, or advice on when to seek further care’, explains Dr. Ozawa.

She continued, “there are tremendous risks.”

Dr. Fuller added that “these drugs take time and have to be taken in a certain way.”

Dr. Ozawa fears that many women will not know this when buying the drugs. Because eBay is a household name, some Americans can trust that the items on the marketplace are legit.

She also notes that thousands of other websites sell such drugs. A 2012 report found between 30,000 and 35,000 “rogue pharmacies” offering prescription drugs to Americans without authorization.

These websites will sell controlled substances that require a patient’s doctor’s permission to access directly to consumers.

While they are often cheaper than prescriptions, they are also not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Regulators have tried to crack down on these websites, but Dr. Ozawa explains that this is difficult because many of them are based outside the US.

The FDA was contacted for comment by

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