Doctor & # 39; left 57-inch thread runs through the body of Air Force veteran & # 39;

Doctor & # 39; left 57-inch thread runs through Air Force veteran body for TEN YEAR after forgetting to remove after angioplasty & # 39;

  • In 2015, a radiologist discovered that the German & # 39; OT & # 39; Ortiz had a thin metal wire in his body that ran all the way from his chest to his thigh
  • The thread was inserted into Ortiz's body during a procedure that was performed in 2005 and was accidentally left in him
  • Ortiz is now the charges against Dr. Mark Taylor, the cardiologist who performed the 2005 procedure, accused him of medical malpractice and negligence
  • He is looking for more than $ 800,000 in compensation

A Bronze Star Air Force veteran sues a cardiologist in Las Vegas after discovering that the doctor has left a 57-inch metal wire in his body.

On Tuesday a jury in civil proceedings heard that the German & # 39; OT & # 39; Ortiz, now 70, underwent an angiogram in 2005 that was performed by Dr. Mark Taylor of the Heart Center of Nevada.

During the procedure, a catheter was inserted through the bloodstream and a long steel wire was used to keep the catheter stiff. While the catheter was being removed, Dr. Taylor unintentionally left the thread in Ortiz's body, according to the lawsuit.

The veteran went on for a decade without realizing anything was wrong before a radiographer made the discovery after taking an X-ray of Ortiz & # 39; s chest in 2015.

The X-ray image ran the thread through his body from his chest to his thigh.

German & # 39; OT & # 39; Ortiz has the lawsuit against Dr. Mark Taylor from the Heart Center of Nevada (photo)

German & # 39; OT & # 39; Ortiz has the lawsuit against Dr. Mark Taylor from the Heart Center of Nevada (photo)

Ortiz and his wife have the lawsuit against Dr. Taylor first filed in 2016 and seek compensation in excess of $ 800,000.

According to The Las Vegas Review Journal, the lawsuit is a medical error, professional negligence, negligent emotional distress, as well as negligent personnel, training and supervision.

In court, Ortiz & # 39; s lawyers told the jury on Tuesday that & # 39; a doctor should be careful during a procedure & # 39 ;.

They argued: & # 39; If a doctor does not pay attention during a procedure, the doctor is responsible for the injuries caused. & # 39;

Dr. Advocate However, Taylor claims that another doctor had to leave the thread in Ortiz.

& # 39; Dr. Taylor met the standard of care and was in no way negligent or careless in his cardiology, & # 39; the cardiologist attorney told the court.

Although Ortiz has removed about two-thirds of the wire, there is still about 20 centimeters of the metal that extends to his thigh.

The test is expected to last a week.

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