Do You Really Need Special Shampoo to Treat Hard Water?

ll water is not created equal, especially when it comes to hard water. Hard water is a reality that many homeowners face and seem to struggle with.

It can cause deterioration of piping and plumbing because of the minerals it contains. Calcium, magnesium, and sulfates could be present in hard water that makes it less than ideal for drinking as well as cleaning.

Taking a shower with hard water can be especially frustrating. Not only does it lead to a soapy build-up on the showerhead and stains that are quite the eyesore all around the shower. It can also cause dry, discolored hair and a weird film on the hair and body.

There are many ways to reduce the effects that hard water has throughout the house. Some are more expensive than others, though, so it is best to pick the right method for your needs.

To resolve the hardships hard water causes during shower time, many people use a special shampoo that helps counteract its effects. If you are wondering if this could be what you need for your hair, take some time to review what you can do.

How Some People Try to Minimize Its Effects

It seems like everyone is trying out DIY projects for everything in their lives, including minimizing hard water effects. Even if you aren’t into the DIY trend, there are other methods people are using to keep the hard water from hindering their lifestyles.

Some homeowners with hard water have found that water softeners are a great way to keep the damage at bay. These tend to be pretty effective for protecting plumbing throughout the house, but they don’t offer the proper hair care properties that can fully erase the effects of hard water like a special shampoo can.

Water softeners are also pretty expensive making it unlikely that everyone can afford one that works perfectly.

When a water softener is just not feasible for your budget, vinegar could be a quick fix for hard water mineral buildup and residue. This will protect your plumbing, but it is definitely not something you will want to use in your hair or body! Vinegar does have a strong smell that would not be pleasant on your body throughout the day.

To remove chemicals from hard water, you can boil it. This method would not quite work in the shower because you cannot shower with boiled water!

Similar to water softeners, there are also showerheads that come equipped with filters for hard water. These might work, but they are expensive and still cannot fully protect your sensitive hair from the harsh chemicals that are likely present. They are also unable to remove the damage that has already been done.

None of these options do everything that special shampoo that fights against hard water can. You need to buy and use shampoo anyway, so it makes more sense to buy a special shampoo instead of a regular shampoo that won’t work as well.

Why Special Shampoo Is the Way to Go

It seems like the most effective way to keep your hair safe from the harmful effects of hard water is to use a special shampoo. Shampoo is a daily necessity, so it only makes sense to use one that can counteract the effects of hard water without spending money on special devices or homemade remedies that might not really work.

Using a special shampoo can help to reduce dryness and keep hair from becoming excessively damaged due to hard water chemicals. It can also prevent discolored hair, which is something hard water can cause.

Many special hard water shampoos are safe for color-treated hair. There are also options for all hair types so there is no reason not to try it. If it could help your hair to look its best, why not give it a try!

Special shampoo, like clarifying or chelating shampoo, can make all the difference in a shinier, healthier-looking head of hair. These two options fight against the excess of minerals in the water that cause dry hair and breakage.

Best Options for Special Shampoo

Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoos can offer salon treatment from home. They work hard to fight against any kind of build-up in the hair, from hard water minerals to hairspray and even harmful chlorine from the pool.

While this should not be a daily shampoo because it can also strip away natural oils in your hair, it can be used frequently to protect against hard water damage. 

Simply work it through the hair from the root down, creating a nice lather all the way through. Your hair will look more brilliant than ever after the hard water minerals are nowhere to be found.

Chelating Shampoo

To keep hair bouncy instead of dull and dry, chelating shampoo is another great option. While clarifying shampoos are more geared toward removing different types of residue, chelating shampoo is meant to protect against minerals and chemicals.

Chelating shampoo is a little bit stronger so it would be the best bet if the water in your home is exceedingly high in chemicals. They contain strong molecules that attract the residue in your hair and pull it away from the strands, rinsing everything out as you shower.

You can think of it like a bubble that sucks up the residue and traps it inside until it is all rinsed out.

How to Choose

There are so many different special shampoos to choose from that could all protect against hard water. Giftwits has compiled a list of the top options in their article “Best Shampoo for Hard Water You Need to Buy Today” so that you can choose the one that will work the best for you.

You shouldn’t overlook your hair. It is an important part of who you are and is just one way to express your unique identity.

Keep it safe from harmful hard water chemicals with a shampoo that is meant to protect it. You will love the brilliant shine and healthy texture these shampoos offer that you won’t have if hard water strips it away.