Do you like comfortable clothes? Slip into these ‘butter soft’ lounge pants – on sale for $16 on Amazon

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You want to live in this. (Photo: Amazon)

Ah, jeans and pants. They have served you well for years. But as times changed, so did your wardrobe preferences. By staying at home (and working) for a while, you were introduced to a whole new world. A world where you can wear cozy, comfortable pants all day, every day. Face it: there is no turning back.

Amazon shoppers definitely got the memo. They made the iChunhua Lounge pants with drawstring one of Amazon’s best-selling garments overnight, with thousands of reviewers swearing “I want to live here.” It’s easy to see why: they’re stylish and cozy, come in tons of patterns, and they’re only $16! Plus, they have over 9,200 five-star ratings!

$16 $19 at Amazon

However, these are not your lounge pants in the garden. These have the relaxed fit and smooth fabric of your favorite pajamas, but the wide legs and flair of your favorite palazzo pants. Don’t have a favorite palazzo pants? This iChunhua pants are going to change that.

They come in dozens of floral designs and colors – some sensational, others a little more muted. They even come in pale tie-dye patterns, animal prints, and cool camouflage, stripe, and polka-dot designs — plus some holiday patterns. Yes, you can wear these to your friend’s get-together or brunch. And, of course, you can wear them for Zoom calls and Netflix binges. They are that versatile.

iChunhua Drawstring Lounge Pants (Photo: Amazon_

Enjoy ultimate comfort for just $16.

But let’s talk about the real draw here. Well, first there’s the drawstring – the crucial element that keeps these roomy trousers from slipping. But there’s also the “butter-soft” material that’s “so incredibly comfortable.” as one reviewer put it. “I love them so much that [I] bought them for all my aunts and everyone at my daughter’s school!”

Another five-star reviewer wrote: “I’m a connoisseur of lounge pants, so when I say these are the best… I’ve ever had, it’s a big compliment. They’re so soft, so comfortable and stretchy in all the right places.”

Some customers bought iChunhua Lounge pants with drawstring for medical reasons – postpartum, back pain, recovery from surgery – and they ended up making these their favorite pants even after recovery.

“I ended up in the hospital with pneumonia and woke up… unable to move,” wrote a customer. “When I saw these and how beautiful the prints were… I ordered them. They fit beautifully, and they gave me the boost I needed to get moving again. And oh, I got so many compliments. Literally my new favorite pair ever, glad I bought more than one pair.”

$16 $19 at Amazon

Lounge pants

Let your legs express themselves! (Photo: Amazon)

“I originally bought these to wear to the hospital after a cesarean section,” wrote another. “As I walked out of the NICU, one of the nurses said she had a pair of these and we both said ‘favorite pants ever’ at the same time.”

Oh, and another selling point for these $16 wonder pants? They make your ass look great. “Hubby even said he loves watching me walk away with it, so that’s a bonus,” wrote one shopper.

ahem… we think you get the picture.

For $16, the iChunhua Floral Print Drawstring Lounge Trousers are indeed the smartest impulse purchase you will make in a while. Good luck going back to jeans someday.

$16 $19 at Amazon

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