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Do you know when is the right time to talk to a social security disability attorney?

Do you think you won’t be able to work for a really long time? If answered yes, you can get a free consultation from a disability lawyer. Have you long been thinking of hiring a disability attorney who can assist you with your Social Security case? If that’s the case, you need to first know the benefits of hiring such a lawyer and the costs involved. 

The costs of hiring a Fayetteville social security disability attorney are kind of simple as they charge a federally-regulated fee which is lesser than 25% of the disability compensation that you get or $6000. To know the benefits of hiring a social security disability attorney, keep reading. 

Hiring a disability attorney – Why should you hire one?

The main reason behind hiring a disability attorney is to assist you with your disability case is that it increases your chances of being approved. While it is true that there are people who apply for their social security benefits on their own, data reveal that Social Security will most likely approve an applicant who is being helped by a legal expert. 

From the level of initial application to the final hearing level, social security disability attorneys know the exact way of presenting a case in a favorable manner. During the first application, the lawyer can advise you on the ‘alleged onset date’ of disability and also inform you that your condition is such that it meets any of the impairments that are enlisted in the ‘blue book’ of Social Security. 

During the reconsideration and hearing levels, your lawyer will help you gather and submit all medical evidence, get an opinion from the doctor, design a brief for the ALJ or the Administrative Law Judge, and prepare for the questions of the judge at the hearing. 

When is the right time to appoint a lawyer?

You ask the experts and they’d tell you ‘the sooner, the better’. In case you’re thinking of filing for disability, you can get in touch with a disability attorney for free advice. The attorney helps you in evaluating the strength of your case and helps you draft the first application. While there are many who can navigate this stage without legal help, you can heighten the chances of getting approved when you have a lawyer to help you. 

One more thing that you should remember is that a client who is approved during the initial application owes a fee to the small attorney as there are some back benefits owed from Social Security. The disability lawyer is supposed to get back 25% of the back pay that you win. 

If it is a smart idea to use an attorney for your initial application, hiring someone after you’ve been denied is a no-brainer. Apart from boosting your chance of success, a disability attorney can move your case through the system, particularly when your medical condition is terminal and your monetary situation is dire. 

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