<pre><pre>Do not expect a headphone connection or volume buttons on the Galaxy Note 10

The unofficial start of the summer means it's time for rumors to start swirling for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note device, which is usually announced around August. Yet the news may not be what you want to hear: the 10-year anniversary Galaxy Note is the one in which Samsung ultimately kills the headphone jack for the phablet line.


According to Android police, Samsung may be preparing to release two sizes for the Galaxy Note 10 – a normal and a smaller device (at least the Note standard) – that won't have a 3.5 mm headphone jack or physical buttons for power, volume and Bixby contain. Instead, the devices would have capacitive or touch sensitive areas with texture, perhaps similar to how the on / off button / fingerprint sensor is implemented on the Galaxy S10E. The new report echoes previous rumors that Samsung was looking to eliminate buttons on the Note 10.

Removing buttons is one thing – Samsung has tried to make everything more in-screen or unibody – but removing a headphone jack would be a controversial move for a company that has long praised this feature against its competitors. And if the Note plans to maintain its stylus, it would still need a slot to store the S Pen, eliminating the argument for more volume to add a larger battery capacity.

It is a bit early to take rumors too seriously at this point, but we should hear more about the device as the summer continues. Yet there are constant rumors and leaks from Samsung, so it may be time to prepare for the inevitable.