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Do I Need To Tread Nose My Stairs? 


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They say, “a minute of safety is a lifetime of reward.” This is perfectly true while preventing injuries from stair-falls. 

When you are careful about safety measures in your space, you begin to avoid a lot of unnecessary injuries. When it comes to stairs, tread nosing the stairs can help avoid injuries and keep the longevity of the stairs. 

What is tread nosing for stairs?

The extended part of the edge of your stairs is the tread nosed part. Tread is another word for edge. This is why its also known as stair edgings. This is where you place your feet as you climb up or down the stairs. It can give you stability because of the extra space, especially if you are a tall being. A nosed edge will also provide anti-slip benefits, thereby reducing injuries.

Why is stair tread nosing important?

What’s special about nosing your stairs isn’t just the fact that it’s a problem solver, but also the fact that it prevents problems! A nosed staircase can deliver on the following benefits:

  • They prevent wear and tear of stairs

Stair tread nosing is especially important when it comes to places with heavy foot impressions: workspace, schools, hospitals, theatres, public places etc.

What happens is when there is a lot of traffic on the stairs, gradually and eventually the wear and tear begin. The stair starts chipping, and if this isn’t taken care of immediately, it will continue to break the material (stone, wood, etc.) and create a bigger hole. 

When the edges are nosed, it provides a shield to the actual stair, adding to its longevity.

  • They prevent injuries

How many times have you laughed at videos of people falling down the stairs? Especially during rains and winters, so many people fall prey to this problem of skidding because of non-grip in stairs. This grip can be added by tread nosing the stairs using anti-slip stair nosing options.

  • They add to the aesthetics.

There is a wide range of materials that can be used for tread nosing stairs. There are anti-slip stair nosing options, or carpet or even wood and steel options. Depending on your needs, your options vary. 

Tread nosing the stairs will add a cohesive look to your interiors and help elevate the room’s visual appeal. 

  • They help the visually impaired.

Studies show that people fall down the stairs or even slip while climbing up the stairs because of miscalculating the width/ height of the stairs. Also, people with depth perceptions can find an un-nosed stair particularly deceptive. This is where stair tread nosing can be of much help. They can provide a visual separator that stands out between two steps. This can help people clearly distinguish between the two.

The bottom line

When it comes to preventing injuries and adding longevity to your stairs, something as simple as tread nosing them can help save you a lot of money and pain in the long run. Get an aesthetically pleasing, anti-slip stair tread nosing done for your space now!

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