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Do Appetite Suppressants Really Work To Help Reduce Food Cravings?

Are you or someone you know a slave to your appetite? Do you just have one of those stomachs and can’t seem to say no to the foods that you love but not in a good way? If so, there may be an answer to help reduce the craving. Appetite suppressants are a great way to fight off the food cravings that can slow down your weight loss. If you’re trying to lose weight, you might be looking for an appetite suppressant to help you with your cravings and ensure that you don’t give in to them. Appetite suppressants have been shown to help with weight loss in several different ways. This post will discuss what they are, how they work, and how you can use them in conjunction with a healthy diet to reduce your cravings and lose weight.


What Are Appetite Suppressants?

Appetite suppressants are substances that help to reduce the appetite of an individual. They come in various forms, including natural herbs, supplements, and pharmaceuticals. Appetite suppressants have been used for centuries in different cultures around the world. In some cases, these medicines are also used as a form of medication for weight loss or to treat an eating disorder. They can be taken by people who want to lose weight or maintain their current weight, or they can also be taken by people who want to avoid gaining weight due to stress and other factors. If you want the best results, you should not use them to solve all your weight problems at once. Many people use them as a crutch and end up relying on them too much, and when they don’t see their expected results, they often blame the suppressants. Instead, you should view them as stepping stones that will help you change your lifestyle and mindset. Moreover, you have two options when it comes to suppressing your appetite:

  1. Prescription: Prescription appetite suppressants are available in the form of tablets or capsules that you take orally. They work by controlling your brain’s sense of hunger and fullness so that you feel satisfied after eating smaller portions.
  2. Natural: There are many natural appetite suppressants, and they all tend to work in the same way by making you feel fuller for longer.

Arguably, the most effective will be prescription options, as they have been specially engineered to trick your brain into thinking you are full. However, they can have minor side effects, including:

  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive issues

If you want to nip your hunger cravings in the bud, your best option is to combine FDA-approved options with natural ones. However, ensure that you speak with your doctor before engaging in any form of self-medication and check if there are any foods that you should avoid.


Do Appetite Suppressants Work?

The answer to this is not a simple yes or no but can be both depending on your state of mind and how determined you are to reduce your cravings. According to studies of FDA-approved prescription drugs, they helped patients lose at least 5% of their body weight in a year compared to a placebo. Furthermore, it depends on which suppressant you take, as only the strongest appetite suppressant drugs will work effectively. It’s also critical to note that these medications don’t operate in a vacuum, so to speak. Studies demonstrate that weight reduction medications, such as appetite suppressants, perform best when combined with appropriate diet and exercise routines. Later on in this post, you will see some techniques you can use that will perfectly accompany almost any suppressant medication.

How Do They Work?

Certain drugs may raise the neurotransmitters of serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine levels in the brain. Neurotransmitters are chemicals that convey, enhance or transfer impulses across your body’s cells. For example, Phentermine is one such drug that decreases your hunger and makes you feel fuller for longer by raising the levels of these beneficial chemicals. In essence, they enhance the levels of chemicals that make you feel good and should, in theory, reduce cravings and hunger pangs. Nevertheless, you should combine them with a healthy diet for optimal results.


How to Choose the Best Appetite Suppressants

You should research to ensure that the medicine you purchase is appropriate for your situation if you believe these drugs are the best choice. Some considerations include:

  • Natural ingredients: Many people are unfamiliar with the names of the amino acids and minerals included in weight-loss products, but you should recognize at least some of them.
  • Dosage: Read the label of your diet pill to make sure it doesn’t contain dangerous amounts of vitamins, minerals, or stimulants before taking it and stick to the recommended dosage.
  • Safety: Any supplement you buy should be FDA-approved to ensure that they don’t contain anything that could harm your health.
  • Discounts for multi-purchases: You will need to take these supplements for several months for maximum results, so you should check if they offer a multibuy discount. 
  • Refund policy: A reputable company will provide a refund policy of at least 30 days. You may want to avoid them if there is no refund period.

Natural Methods To Reduce Hunger Cravings

Although food suppressants have been shown to be effective, you can’t rely on them as a long-term remedy. Therefore, you should use the opportunity to change how you think about food. Despite this, most people find it hard to stop overeating since it is both a mental and a physical problem. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to overcome these problems, most notably by changing the food you eat.

Eat Foods Containing Lots Of Fiber

When you eat fiber, your stomach feels full, making it easier to limit the amount of food you eat. Fiber also slows down digestion, so it takes longer for your body to absorb the nutrients in your meal.

Eat More Protein

Protein makes you feel full because it increases satiety hormones, such as leptin and ghrelin, which help control appetite. So if you want to get rid of hunger pangs, try taking a protein shake or snack before your meal.

Dramatically Reduce Your Sugar Intake 

Sugar causes cravings because it provides the brain with a short burst of energy, followed by an energy crash. The brain releases dopamine which makes you feel good, but when there’s no sugar around, the brain starts to crave again, and so the cycle continues ad infinitum.

The evidence is clear that certain suppressant supplements do indeed reduce hunger cravings. However, they are not a magic bullet and should be paired with a healthy diet. Furthermore, it will allow you to adopt a healthier mindset in the future.

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