DJI’s next smartphone gimbal could include a telescopic selfie stick

DJI seems to have another smartphone gimbal on the way with a telescopic selfie stick built into the handle, according to WinFuture. The Osmo Mobile 5, which is an apparent successor to last year’s Osmo Mobile 4, is likely to make its first appearance at DJI’s September 8 launch event where it will reportedly earn a European price of €159, which roughly translates to a price including tax of $188.

The Osmo Mobile 5 reportedly folds down to about 17cm (6.7in), but can be extended if you want to get closer to your subject or further away from yourself. In the photos, it doesn’t seem to extend as much as a traditional selfie stick, but it should be enough to give you a little extra flexibility with your shots. When the gimbal is extended, the gimbal controls stay sensibly to your hand. Sure, selfie sticks have a pretty bad reputation as the go-to accessory of inconsiderate tourists, but they’re damn useful in the right circumstances.

It seems to fold just as compactly as DJI’s existing gimbals.
Image: WinFuture

Unfortunately, it sounds like the telescoping mechanism built into the Osmo Mobile 5 has had an impact on battery life, which is reported to be around 6 hours and 20 minutes compared to 15 hours for the Osmo Mobile 4. Fortunately The Osmo Mobile 4’s magnetic mounting system has stuck, which should mean it’s as easy as ever to quickly attach and detach your phone from the gimbal.

In addition to the Osmo Mobile 5, WinFuture’s Roland Quandt also reports that a more affordable $99 version of the Osmo Mobile 4 is on the way, which doesn’t include the magnetic mounting system from the original $149 gimbal. A shame for sure, but it’s hard to argue with the discount.