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DJI is returning the Phantom drone a year after it disappeared from the stores

In November 2018, DJI claimed that a “parts shortage” had left the Chinese drone company without the ability to produce its Phantom 4 Pro. In April, the entire iconic Phantom line-up had mysteriously disappeared from the shelves. But 14 months after the flagship became the drone of the AWOL company, it is on sale again this month.

DJI told DPReview that the shortage of parts is now over and the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 is on sale again from January 6 – and yes, we see it in stock in the official official DJI store, B&H, BuyDig, and Amazon (via beach camera) for $ 1,729. Yes, that is more expensive than the $ 1,499 it originally cost in 2018, and you have Trump to blame.

Is it actually useful to buy the somewhat quieter, lower latency 2018 refurbishment of the pro model at the end of 2016 of this drone at the start of 2016? Perhaps: the 1-inch sensor, the variable aperture and the 30-minute flight time are still a powerful combination, even if the Mavic 2 Pro can be folded down and has a few other tricks in its sleeves. But after seeing some intriguing new directions for drones at CES such as the Falcon bicopter and Autel’s EVO II spec beast, not to mention the Skydio 2 autonomy, it may make sense for future drone professionals and technical enthusiasts to keep waiting.

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