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Dividend hero SAINT’s manager on the best shares for income and growth – James Dow on the INVESTING SHOW

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Source: AIC/Morningstar



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When it comes to tips on investing for income, it’s worth listening to the manager of a mutual fund that has increased its dividend payout for 50 years in a row.

Scottish American Investment Company, better known as SINTS, is one of the AIC’s Dividend Hero investment funds – the select group with the longest running history of increasing their dividend year in, year out.

And it is now joining an even more elite group within those trusts, the ones with at least 50 years of rising payouts.

But SAINTS takes a different approach to many dividend funds, investing for both income and growth, which explains why instead of the usual suspects, the top ten stocks include Magnificent Seven tech giant Microsoft, fat loss and diabetes drugmaker Novo Nordisk and chipmaker. TSMC.

That also explains why the trust only has a dividend yield of 2.82 percent, significantly lower than some of its peers.

In this episode of the Investing Show, SINTS co-manager James Dow speaks to Simon Lambert about why he believes that even when investing for income, growth is important to investors – and which stocks he picks to deliver both.

He also explains more about how the 150-year-old investment trust works and why it also holds other assets, including bonds and real estate.

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SAINTS: Facts and figures

Scottish American investment company known as SAINTS

Managers: Baillie Gifford – James Dow and Ross Mathison

Global equity income sector

Yield: 2.82 percent

Ongoing charges: 0.58%

Market capitalization: £890 million

Share price discount to NAV: -10.69%


Source: AIC/Morningstar

Source: AIC/Morningstar

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