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Disney’s ‘Peter Pan & Wendy’ trailer criticized for depictions of Hook and Tinker Bell

The new trailer for Disney’s “Peter Pan & Wendy” has drawn criticism for its depictions of Tinker Bell and Captain Hook.

On Tuesday, the first look at the live-action adaptation of “Peter Pan” introduced Alexander Molony as Peter, Ever Anderson as Wendy, Alyssa Wapanatâhk as Tiger Lily, Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell, and Jude Law as Captain Hook. The taster Peter and Wendy embark on an adventurous journey to Neverland, where they encounter various mythical friends and foes.

Twitter users immediately took issue with the way Law was styled as Hook, complaining that Disney somehow managed to create a character that is canonically hot (according to some), played by an actor who looks famous and is definitely unattractive. In the trailer, Law shows off a long, fuzzy gray wig and hairy mustache while wielding the villain’s trademark sickle.

“The audacity of casting Jude Law as Captain Hook and making him look like this,” tweeted @bensolohope. “This is a criminal offense.”

“I thought it was impossible to make an ugly Jude Law and illegal to make a mischievous Captain Hook, but Disney has proven me wrong once again.” @neon_hartslag tweeted.

“I already have very little faith in Peter Pan & Wendy because they were cowards and made the Hook played by Jude Law unappealing.” @plandefeld410 tweeted.

There has also been a racist backlash against Disney casting “Blackish” and “Grownish” star Shahidi as Tinker Bell. Others insisted that no matter how a character has been portrayed in the past, it’s absurd to get upset about the race of an actor playing a magical fairy – or a mermaid.

“Dear white people, neither Tinkerbell nor Ariel are white women… one is a fairy and the other is a fictional fish,” @itsKenBarbie tweeted. “Stop masking your racism behind the fake protection of CHARACTERS from your childhood.”

“‘Tinkerbell isn’t black’ and fairies aren’t real, so what next,” @STALLlONAIRE tweeted.

“Go cry somewhere else with the fake outrage”, @DaddyMando_ tweeted. “‘Tinker bell is white’ SHES AF— FAIRY?????????????”

Many also complained about the trailer’s dim lighting after struggling to make out the images on screen. And a number of people were disappointed with what they saw as a lack of effort in making Tinker Bell glow.

Law, Shahidi and Disney representatives did not immediately respond to The Times’ requests for comment on Thursday. Peter Pan & Wendy, directed by David Lowery, premieres April 28 on Disney+.