Disneyland is trying to win back fans with lower ticket prices and more benefits

Disney’s reinstated CEO Bob Iger is trying to win back loyal fans who accused the theme parks of “money laundering” by offering more discount days at the theme parks, along with other perks like free parking for hotel guests.

Disneyland in Anaheim is now offering “almost two months’ worth of day passes worth $104 to annual pass holders.”

A regular ticket on other days still costs people $179. Park visitors also get free ride shots, and park hopping rules have been relaxed, allowing guests to explore from 11 a.m. instead of 1 p.m.

At Disney World in Orlando, park visitors get free attraction photos with the purchase of Genie+, and hotel guests get free overnight parking – which can be as much as $25 per day. Holders of an annual ticket who arrive after 2 p.m. also no longer need to make a reservation from Monday to Friday.

These are the changes coming to Disneyland in Anaheim, California and Disney World in Orlando, Florida

In Addition To Offering

In addition to offering “nearly two months” worth of $104 one-day park passes for the coming year, the Anaheim park is also offering free rides and relaxed “park hopping” rules

At Disney World In Orlando, Park Visitors Get Free Attraction Photos And Hotel Guests Get Free Overnight Parking — Which Can Be As Much As $25 Per Day.  Annual Pass Holders Arriving After 2 P.m. Also No Longer Need To Make A Reservation From Monday To Friday

At Disney World in Orlando, park visitors get free attraction photos and hotel guests get free overnight parking — which can be as much as $25 per day. Annual pass holders arriving after 2 p.m. also no longer need to make a reservation from Monday to Friday

In a memo to the employee sent this week, park chief Josh D’Amaro said the adjustments “reflect things that may need to change a bit” based on feedback from employees and guests.

“We want to make sure our fans feel the love,” D’Amaro said. “We listen to them and try to adapt.”

In his memo, the head of the park said Disneyland in Anaheam will open nearly two months’ worth of days eligible for the cheapest admission package — $104 for a single-day, single-park pass. Usually these cheaper days were only available on winter and spring school days.

“A lot of you know I’m in the parks quite often, and I listen to you and our guests about the things that are working, but also the things that might need to change,” D’Amaro said.

The change, which will take place on Feb. 4, will allow visitors who purchase a Park Hopper ticket for both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure to switch parks at 11 a.m., instead of 1 p.m. as before.

At Disney World in Orlando, reservation rules for annual pass holders put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic have also been relaxed much to the excitement of park visitors.

The Move To Expand Days At Lower Ticket Prices And Offer More Benefits Comes As Iger Works To Turn The Company Around After Taking The Reins From Ousted Ceo Bob Chapek In November.

The move to expand days at lower ticket prices and offer more benefits comes as Iger works to turn the company around after taking the reins from ousted CEO Bob Chapek in November.

Shares Of Disney Are Up 0.44 Percent At Noon Today, Just Hours After The Changes Announced.  The Share Price In 2022 Closed 39% Lower

Shares of Disney are up 0.44 percent at noon today, just hours after the changes announced. The share price in 2022 closed 39% lower

The move to expand days at lower ticket prices and offer more benefits comes as Iger works to turn the company around after taking the reins from ousted CEO Bob Chapek in November.

When Iger, who had served as CEO for 15 years and retired in February 2020, was reinstated in November, he vowed to work on the company’s creativity and profitability and return to his “core values.”

Fans have been complaining about the parks’ problems for the past two years, including two price hikes in 2022 alone.

“Disney sends out surveys all the time and they really pay attention to those surveys,” said Don Munsil, president of the travel website “These are all things that fans have been complaining about,” Munsil said.

Iger’s predecessor, Chapek, had been fired after company leaders lost confidence in his leadership. And anger against him became so common among guests that they often wore shirts that read “Chapek Killed The Magic” and other slogans against him. Some Disney goers even started referring to broken or broken rides as “Chapek’d.”

Disney has also increased its ticket prices twice since October 2021, with day tickets up to $244 for a one-day park hopper pass.

Under Chapek’s tenure, Disney’s stock price plummeted to close 2022 up 39%, even as he brought in an annual salary of $26 million in 2021. Today, the shares trade for $95.97 each.

Problems with Disney World’s park reservation system being implemented in 2020 became so prevalent last year after two annual pass holders filed a class action lawsuit over what they say was unfair treatment in their purchase.

The lawsuit was filed in October in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, before Chapek was impeached.

The pass holders claimed that the company favored day pass holders over those who bought in for the year.

Annual passes to the theme park can cost people as much as $1,600 — and the anonymous disgruntled Disney fans said in the lawsuit that the action is being brought on behalf of “themselves and everyone else in similar situations.”

Chapek Was Fired After Company Executives Seemingly Lost Confidence In His Leadership Skills

Chapek was fired after company executives seemingly lost confidence in his leadership skills

The blame for the company’s recent shortcomings has been placed on several factors, including lower than expected financial results, major losses in the streaming business, and Chapek’s mishandling of the company’s response to Ron DeSantis’ Don’t Say Gay bill.

Employees were outraged and even planned protests over Chapek’s initial silence regarding the bill, which restricts LGBTQ discussion in Florida schools for students in third grade and below.

Chapek eventually spoke out against the bill, though some said the damage had already been done within the company.

Iger has since told employees in a company-wide meeting “one of the core values ​​of our storytelling is inclusion, acceptance and tolerance. And we can’t lose that; we just can’t lose that… How we actually change the world through the good must continue.’

Chapek Was Criticized For Not Condemning The Bill And Tried To Quell The Backlash With A Backtracking Statement To Staff

Chapek was criticized for not condemning the bill and tried to quell the backlash with a backtracking statement to staff

In January, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis rekindled the fight to take away self-governing power from Disney World in the final blow as part of an ongoing battle between the company and the state.

The overhaul began with the “Don’t Say Gay” law — which would also force the company to pay $700 million in unsecured debt that would otherwise have been paid by taxpayers.

Since 1967, Disney has been responsible for governing an area known as Reedy Creek, which is part of Orange and Osceola counties.

Critics say the arrangement gives the company special legal and tax privileges.

Last week, there was a notice on the Osceola County website that legislation would be introduced to create a state-controlled board for Reedy Creek.

The Disasters of Bob Chapek as CEO of Disney

July 2021 Bob Chapek is blamed when a feud erupts after actress Scarlett Johansson sues Disney for breach of contract in a dispute over Black Widow’s release. Former CEO Bob Iger is reportedly embarrassed by Disney’s approach to the lawsuit.

March 2022 Chapek faces backlash from Disney staff for failing to criticize Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t Say Gay” bill. He eventually speaks out, but is then bruised by a public battle with Florida’s governor.

March 2022 Employees, furious at Florida’s handling of the bill, claim Disney executives have censored “openly homogeneous affection” in recent films. The company reverses some of those decisions and reinstates a kiss in the Toy Story spin-off “Lightyear.”

June 2022 Chapek ousts Peter Rice, the respected president of entertainment and programming. The Hollywood Reporter says insiders are “baffled” by the decision. “This baffles me,” says one executive.

November 2022 Costs at Disney’s streaming business are attributed to the disappointing fourth quarter results. Stocks continue to fall before Chapek is impeached.

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