Disney & # 39; s three-hour Disney + trailer proves that all those films that tweeted are real

Disney + will be available on Amazon Fire TV devices before the November 12 launch, according to The Wall Street Journal, after a WSJ reported last month that the streaming service may not be available on Amazon products due to disagreement over advertising.


CEO Bob Iger announced the news about Disney's fourth quarter earnings call, in addition to news that Disney + will also be available on LG and Samsung smart TV & # 39; s. "We are delighted to announce partnerships with Amazon Fire (TV), LG and Samsung devices."

Per the WSJThe original report, the battle for Disney + on Fire TV was due to a dispute over advertising rights in Disney's apps, including those for ABC, ESPN and the Disney Channel. It is not clear whether Disney has agreed to the terms and conditions of Amazon, but the two companies have entered into a sort of agreement. That means that Disney + comes to Fire TV devices – and that existing Disney apps can also stay on Amazon's streaming platform.

Whatever the conditions, having Amazon on board is a big win for Disney on its way to the Disney + launch on November 12. The Fire TV platform from Amazon is one of the two largest streaming platforms in the world (along with Roku), which are many potential customers that Disney hopes will sign up for the new service.