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Disney Plus will lose more content


Disney will likely start removing more content from Disney+ as part of the company’s cost-cutting measures.

Last month, Disney removed some shows from Disney+ and Hulu, including Willow, The Mysterious Benedict Society, The World According To Jeff Goldblum, and more. now in New filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission As of May 26, The Walt Disney Company said it continues to review content due to a new “strategic change” and is “as a result removing certain content from its platforms”.

Willow won’t be the only program Disney+ removes. Source: Disney.

Disney already reported a $1.5 billion decrease in the content it removed last month, and now says it may add up to an additional $400 million during the remainder of the quarter, which ends this month. The number means that the next wave of content removal likely won’t be as large as the list of programs removed last month.

We have no idea what kind of content will be removed, but Disney’s statement mentions both content that it created and content that was licensed, which means that content created by Disney itself and series or movies from other companies could all be affected.

News of Disney’s “strategic realignment” first broke in March, when CEO Bob Iger announced plans to lay off 7,000 employees in an effort to cut costs by $5.5 billion.

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