Disney + is streamed on these devices at launch

The upcoming Disney + streaming service from Disney is going very well. According to CNET, the service is launched on November 12 with support for four simultaneous streams and including 4K, all for the base price of $ 6.99 per month. Subscribers can also create and manage up to seven profiles on one account.


That makes it very competitive with Netflix, which introduced higher prices and stricter restrictions on simultaneous streams earlier this year. Netflix now costs $ 9 per month for a standard definition plan with only one available stream. If you want HD streaming, you have to pay $ 13 a month, and that results in two simultaneous streams. For 4K and four simultaneous streams it is $ 16 per month. (The company has also recently increased prices in the UK).

The price changes of Netflix are even so drastic that CEO Reed Hastings blamed the increase for his dip in US subscribers last quarter, the first decline with domestic Netflix users since 2011. The setback slowed Netflix's overall growth and caused its stock fell, too.

In particular, the ESPN and Hulu bundle from Disney for Disney + will not have the same benefits for simultaneous streaming. With the bundle, which costs $ 12.99, subscribers receive only two simultaneous ESPN + streams and one basic, ad-supported Hulu stream.

Of course Netflix now has a much more robust library than Disney +, but Disney is supplementing its upcoming platform with a number of original shows. The restriction of streaming and 4K news, which was revealed during interviews at Disney's D23 Expo, joins a series of new announcements regarding shows and films coming to Disney + later this year. CNET also reports that Disney releases new episodes of the original series on Disney + on a weekly basis, as opposed to all at once like Netflix, a strategy that is likely to help extend the life of its previous slate of programming while outperforming competitors overtakes.

The company brings a Mrs. Marvel series to its platform, as well as one centered on She Hulk and one on Moon Knight. Disney today also announced a live promotion Lady in the trump adjustment that is exclusive to Disney + and confirmed the long-awaited original series of Obi-Wan Kenobi with Ewan McGregor.

Prior to D23, Disney promised a number of other enticing Disney + benefits, including many others Star Wars series like The Mandalorian and a seventh season of The Clone Wars; shows aimed at popular Marvel characters Hawkeye, Falcon / the Winter Solider and Loki; and streaming exclusivity for a number of upcoming controversial films such as Frozen 2 and the live promotion The little Mermaid.