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Disney CEO ‘optimistic’ about AI opportunities but admits it will have negative implications


From games to animation, AI is at work in almost every aspect of the entertainment sector. And now it looks like Disney wants to get involved, although its CEO has some concerns.

During Disney’s earnings call today, CEO Bob Iger discussed the potential for Disney to use artificial intelligence, acknowledging that the company has already begun to use it in limited ways.

“Obviously, the development of AI presents some interesting opportunities for us and holds great advantages,” Egger said. “In fact, we are already starting to use AI to create some efficiencies and ultimately serve consumers better. Getting closer to the customer is a real goal for us and we believe that intelligence is Artificial will provide some great opportunities to do that.”

But he expressed his concerns, acknowledging that the use of more AI technologies could pose some legal challenges.

“I can tell you that our legal team is already working overtime.

He added: “But it’s also clear that AI is going to have consequences and it can be very difficult to manage, especially from an intellectual property management perspective. I can tell you that our legal team is already working overtime to try to deal with what could be some of the challenges here, and we Certainly we are not the only ones not only in our sector, but in all sectors.So I have to say in general that I am optimistic about the prospects because I think it will create efficiencies and ways for us to provide better services to customers basically.On the other hand, I think we will have to face a lot that will be annoying And very difficult. At the moment I’m not ready to go into more detail.”

AI is also a major issue in the ongoing Authors Guild of America strike, which began on May 2 after studios and broadcast services failed to agree on a number of reasons, including rules around AI writing, a guaranteed workweek for series writers, and a minimum amount of work. Book room sizes. The strike has already affected businesses, from series like Stranger Things and Severance to Game of Thrones spin-off Hedge Knight to films like Marvel’s Blade, as the strike enters its second week.

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