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Discovering a rare copy of the GameCube.. | -WhatsNew2Day


One of the players who loves collecting rare copies of devices and games, was able to access a rare copy of the GameCube home gaming device, which carries some features different from the version that existed in the market.

enable site Kotaku Who monitored an article he published Donny Villerup Who is interested in buying rare copies of the devices, he talked about the differences and comparisons between this rare copy that appeared for the first time in the Nintendo Space World trade show event in 2000 and the commercial version that was put on the market.

One of the most prominent differences that existed in this rare copy of the GameCube device is the presence of LED lighting in the transparent part of the disk drive cover, which appeared clearly in the video of the aforementioned event, which you can watch below.

In the final version, the presence of this window in the device was canceled and closed completely, while several other differences related to the ventilation holes were observed, which were more present in the final version of the device.

Through the pictures below, you can see all the differences that were detected between the two versions, and you can see more pictures in the original report here.

The interesting thing is the design of the prototype GameCube controller seen above, which differs significantly from the controller that comes in the final version. Where the design comes in the form of the letter M, it is distinguished by the presence of the “Menu” button in the location where the D-Pad is located in the final design. The B button on the top right is bean-shaped like the Y and X buttons.

It is noteworthy that the Nintendo GameCube was released in the global markets in 2001, and despite the distinctiveness of the device, it achieved modest sales compared to other home devices.

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