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Discover the MOST comprehensive manual on Botox – along with its astounding hidden benefits


The ULTIMATE GUIDE to Botox–Its Top-Secret, Surprising Uses: CHARLIE LANKSTON Reveals Everything You Need to Know About the Anti-Aging Injection Celebrities Love–From the Perfect Time to Go Under the Needle to How to Treat Depression and Migraines

  • Watch the video below to learn all about the best Botox techniques — and how they can be used to treat facial relief, as well as treat mental health issues

For decades now, Botox has been the treatment of choice for celebrities looking to halt the aging process and maintain their youthful appearance.

When many people think of injections, they conjure up images of stars with frozen faces unable to form even the subtlest expressions.

But is this reputation really guaranteed?

As an expert in plastic surgery in New York David Sheffer He explains, when used properly by professionals, Botox can be an incredibly powerful and effective tool for maintaining a youthful appearance—without the so-called “frozen face” some can experience as a result of taking things too far in injections.

And while Botox is certainly an impressive treatment when it comes to preventing — and even eliminating — wrinkles, that’s not the only thing it does.

Decades before it was injected into the faces of aging stars in a desperate attempt to preserve their youthful appearance, the key ingredient in Botox was used to treat crossed eyes and facial twitching…and in recent years, the combination has been linked to a treatment for depression and anxiety.

Watch as Dr. Schaefer explains everything you need to know about the iconic anti-aging treatment…from determining the perfect time for your first injection to its little-known medical uses.


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