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Discord will require users to choose a new “username” soon


Discord, the popular app that has become the backbone of most gaming communities, has announced some major changes. Discord users will be required to update their usernames.

According to what was stated on The official Discord blogUsers will be required to change their usernames to something new without using numbers. Currently, Discord usernames contain a bunch of different numbers, but with the new changes to the app infrastructure, that will be phased out completely. .

The post explains that this change will allow users to have an easier time “getting to know and connecting with your friends” and that the newly chosen usernames will be unique to each Discord user.

The new usernames will allow names made up of selected characters from the alphabet, numbers 0-9, underscores (_), and a period, and the new restrictions allow names with a range of 2-32 characters, no custom characters, and must adhere to community guidelines.

The intent is to allow people to have names without the need for numbered identifiers (eg username #1001).

However, some users online have expressed concerns about the new change, believing that it will not only make things more confusing for users to find others, but may also put you at risk of losing privacy when using the app.

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