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Discord voice chat is now available for Xbox beta testers

Discord and Microsoft announced Discord voice chat last week, making it initially available to invited-only Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead Xbox testers. The new feature is now available for Xbox Insiders in the Beta ring, which does not require an invitation.

Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox dashboard update for beta testers today at 5pm ET / 2pm PT, including Discord voice integration. The voice chat works by first linking Xbox and Discord accounts, then connecting to a Discord voice call using the mobile app and transferring the call to an Xbox console using the Xbox mobile app.

The process is a bit complicated, but once the initial setup is complete, it’s relatively easy to connect to Discord voice calls and transfer them to an Xbox console. Since there is no dedicated Discord app on Xbox, it means you can’t access Discord chat as it is only for voice calls.

On the Xbox dashboard itself, Discord calls are neatly integrated into the part of the Xbox dashboard where you normally find the Party & Chats features. In a Discord voice call, you can see all your Discord friends who are currently on a call, adjust the volume, and disconnect from a call right from the Xbox dashboard.

This new voice chat functionality from Discord will be available today in the Beta ring for Xbox Insiders, and we expect it to evolve into the Delta and Omega rings in the coming weeks before it will soon be generally available for all Xbox Ones. console.

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