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Director Zack Snyder will present his own version of the upcoming Rebel Moon movies


Deborah Snyder, wife of famous director Zack Snyder and co-producer of the Rebel Moon films, revealed in a recent interview with Vanity Fairthat Zack Snyder will release his own version for every upcoming Rebel Moon movie.

Earlier this year, “Zac” revealed that the script for his upcoming space epic was originally 172 pages long before it was split into two movies, but Netflix rejected the idea after seeing the size of the script, they didn’t want a 3-hour movie, so They decided to present this script to two films, and here is each film that will be available in a special “Zack Snyder” version.

The Rebel Moon movie was announced for the first time in July 2021, and the first part is supposed to be shown next December 22 via Netflix, and the second part of the movie is supposed to be shown shortly after the first part was shown.

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