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Director Paul Feig describes King Charles as ‘a martini guy’

King Charles has been described by Hollywood director Paul Feig as a “martini man.”

Known for his string of comedy films, including Bridesmaids, the 60-year-old filmmaker has written a book called Cocktail Time! with drink recipes and anecdotes about famous figures.

Talking about the tome with the Sunday TimesPaul revealed that he once made a martini for Charles, 73, when the royal was still the Prince of Wales.

‘We are good friends with Santa Montefiore, the novelist, and her husband, Simon Sebag [Montefiore]who is good friends with Charles,’ he said.

“He’ll know him forever, so they arranged tea for me in Highgrove with Prince Charles for my 60th birthday.”

King Charles (pictured in 2018, when he was the Prince of Wales) enjoying a martini while visiting a Northumberland brewery

Hollywood director Paul Feig (pictured) is candid about making a martini for King Charles, describing the monarch as ‘a martini man’

It was during this meeting that he offered the king a drink and added, ‘What if I was making a King Charles cocktail? I would put Dubonnet in it, as a tribute to his mother and grandmother. And gin, for sure. So I’d make a gin and Dubonnet. But Charles is a martini man and I make good martinis. It’s my superpower.’

The director and author, who owns his own gin brand called Artingstall, also shared some of his top tips for getting the most out of a party.

Among them, he recommended having a few drinks and described alcohol as a “social lubricant.”

He also suggested hanging out with women, saying that female comedy is generally “not as aggressive” as male comedy.

If all else fails, he recommends keeping a fake mustache handy, describing it as “foolproof,” and saying “everyone starts laughing” when you put one on.

And he suggested that hosts should “tailor the drinks to the people,” like, he said, King Charles with martinis.

Royal watchers may have already noticed the King’s penchant for a martini, having enjoyed one of the drinks at 11am during a 2018 trip to a Moorland Gin distillery as part of a two-day visit to Northumberland.

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The royal appeared in good spirits when he tasted Hepple Gin during his visit to Moorland Spirit Company’s Morpeth Distillery in 2018

According to reports, the royal enjoyed the drink ‘stirred, not shaken’ during a two-day visit to Northumberland

Charles was served a neat gin shortly after 11 a.m. to give him a clear taste of the award-winning spirit, then was handed the cocktail by Sir Walter Riddell’s estate in Hepple, Coquetdale.

The native conifers grown a few minutes’ walk from the distillery give the gin its distinctive flavour, as do locally grown botanicals.

Charles drank the martini stirred, not shaken.

Meanwhile, Dubonnet, which Paul Feig said he would use in a drink for the king, was a favorite of the late Queen, as well as her mother – a sweet, fortified wine mixed with herbs, spices and quinine.

The Queen (pictured during a video call in 2021) is said to love Dubonnet, a sweet fortified wine mixed with herbs, spices and quinine

Queen Elizabeth’s favorite cocktail is said to be one part gin and two parts Dubonnet, poured over two ice cubes and garnished with a lemon wedge.

At its peak in the 1960s and 1970s, 20 million bottles of Dubonnet were sold worldwide each year, thanks to the less regal advertising slogan “Do ‘ave a Dubonnet.”

It fell out of fashion with the public, but has been making a comeback in recent years.

Around 500,000 bottles of Dubonnet were sold worldwide in 2020, compared to 350,000 in the previous 12 months.

Great Britain is the largest market, but also sells well in Canada, Australia, France and, surprisingly, Colombia.


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