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Dilbert appears on SNL to give update about creator’s racist tirade after comic strip was canceled

‘Off the record, he’s got a point!’ Dilbert HIMSELF appears on SNL to provide an update on the creator’s racist rant after the comic was canceled – warning ‘the race war is coming’

  • Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams was recently axed for a racist rant he delivered to his online followers
  • Over the weekend, SNL poked fun at the author through his most famous creation, the cartoon character Dilbert, who they turned into a radical
  • “I woke up this morning ready to hit the streets and paint the town with the white man’s blood,” Dilbert said during a Weekend Update segment

Saturday Night Live got a visit last night from newly canceled comic book creator Scott Adams’ signature character, Dilbert, who waded into the waters of his author’s recent scandal.

Last month, Adams proclaimed that whites “should get away from black people for God’s sake,” citing a poll that showed nearly half of black people don’t get along with white people.

During SNL’s signature Weekend Update segment hosted by lead writers Michael Che and Colin Jost, Dilbert popped in to discuss the ramifications of the Adams scandal.

The character’s appearance began when Che kicked off the bit by describing Adams’s comments: “Newspapers across the company are dropping the beloved comic strip Dilbert after its creator, Scott Adams, launched a racist diatribe last week advocating black people to get away from white people.

“Officially he has a point.”

Michael Che interviews Dilbert, played by Michael Longfellow, on Saturday’s episode of SNL, as the show offers its two cents of derision following cartoonist Scott Adams’ racist diatribe

Dilbert, played by cast newbie Michael Longfellow, told the audience that Adams’ apparent racism “was a total shock” to him and the “all-white” Dilbert offices.

Most cartoonists are weird, but racially weird? Let’s just say I didn’t see that memo,” he said.

He said he only understood Adams as this “cartoonist who supported Trump and did magic in his spare time.”

When Che asked if there were any implications of Scott’s true nature, Dilbert said, “No, I knew he was evil.” He forced me to go to the office every day from COVID and he knows I’m autoimmune.”

The sketch then turned around when Dilbert said he’d had some time to think about the true nature of work and read some of the “black radicals” like Stokely Carmichael.

“Even everyday work serves to sustain the capitalist system built to maintain a racial hierarchy.

“But that’s all about to change: there’s going to be a race war. Are you ready Michael?

“I woke up this morning ready to hit the streets and paint the town with the white man’s blood,” Dilbert proclaimed before the play ended.

Adams has become increasingly outspoken about his right-wing political views in recent years.

His current issues erupted after Dilbert was canned by 77 newspapers in September for increasingly controversial storylines, including one about a black character who identifies as white.

The comic has been in circulation since 1989 and regularly pokes fun at office culture.

During Adams’ racing rant, posted on his personal YouTube page, which has 118,000 subscribers, he called black people a “hate group.”

The 65-year-old said: “This is unsolvable. This can’t be solved… You just have to escape. So that’s what I did, I went to a neighborhood where I have a very low black population.”

Adams, who reportedly amassed a $70 million fortune from Dilbert, and his signature character

Adams, who reportedly amassed a $70 million fortune from Dilbert, and his signature character

Adams appeared to be doubling down on comments on Twitter last week.

“A lot of people are mad at me today, but I haven’t heard anyone disagree,” he told his 867,000 followers.

“I make two main points: 1. Treat everyone as an individual (no discrimination).

‘2. Avoid any group that disrespects you. Does anyone think that’s bad advice?’

Later in the day, he posted, “Has anyone checked the price of free speech lately? It’s worse than eggs.’