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Digital Domain enters into partnership with PRG


Visual effects company Digital Domain has entered into a non-exclusive partnership with production technology and services provider PRG (Production Resource Group). Under the ‘co-brand’ agreement, the two companies will offer their services as a kind of ‘one-stop shop’ when required for certain projects. That could include areas such as virtual production, for which PRG would supply the LED wall and other equipment, while Digital Domain would offer its digital VFX capabilities.

“Our co-branding partnership has a clear purpose: to maintain and expand market share, advance innovative trends and explore breakthrough technologies that redefine the art of storytelling, all while delivering significant cost savings without the compromising quality for our mutual customers,” said Digital Domain president and COO Lala Gavgavian.

In addition to their visual effects work, which ranged from Titanic to productions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe such as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Digital Domain services in virtual reality and gaming. It is owned by Digital Domain Holding, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, and has offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei and Hyderabad.

PRG technology and services are also based in the US and internationally and include live event broadcasting, audio, video, lighting, rigging and virtual production.

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