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Digital Designer Path: Duties, Salary, Skills Required

Who are digital designers? User experience designers, web designers, content designers, and everyone who works with digital media are all in the same field, and as a result, they develop into digital designers. You can often find the wording “multidisciplinary designer”. But who is he in fact and what does he do? Let’s figure it out together.

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Who is a Digital Designer?

Digital design is a general concept that involves development in a digital environment. This is the design that we see on the screens of a computer, gadget, or bank terminal. As a rule, it may include web design, mobile design, mockup design, animation, or 2D/3D models. The digital design includes specialists from different fields: web and graphic design, creation of mobile apps and UX/UI landing pages, product and animation design.

Many people think that digital design is the same as graphic design. But in fact, the difference between graphic and digital design is huge. Digital design is the next evolution step of graphic design. This profession uses animation, 3D modeling, and interaction to bring ideas to life while requiring the same knowledge and abilities as print design. You’ll be interacting with your audience using cutting-edge, data-driven ways, whether you’re making banner advertisements, videos, or other interactive web pages or app features.

Even though this contemporary job may cross over into many various businesses, professionals clearly find it appealing. Most of the time, digital designers can work remotely from practically anywhere in the globe and accomplish fascinating and intriguing work.

Digital designer major skills

Employers and clients seeking digital designers want experts with a wide variety of technical abilities as well as soft ones. You must show that you are proficient in both client interactions and the most widely used technologies to land a job as a digital designer.

Technical skills 

  • Color and typography
  • Design basics like layout and navigation
  • Mobile design principles
  • Software design
  • HTML, CSS or jQuery
  • The entire Adobe Suite

Soft skills

  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Flexibility and creativity

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An inexperienced digital designer shouldn’t count on a large income. However, after gaining experience and practical skills, the salary level will reach $75,000 per year in the United States. Of course, the size of the fee is influenced by individual projects and the capabilities of the designer.

It is worth noting that a designer today, like any other IT specialist, is already a massive role. The taste of “extraordinary” work disappeared, and it became commonplace. And here you get both bonuses, in the form of a sufficient number of vacancies, and a simpler attitude towards your activities.

And since we have praised this profession, in the end, it is worth mentioning the shortcomings.

Disadvantages of the sphere

Since the profession is constantly updated due to the emergence of new opportunities in terms of creating and improving sites, customer requirements don’t stand still. It is precise because of the high standards and the desire to get the highest quality product for a low fee in this area that it is difficult to find a designer. Other disadvantages include:

  • Increased harmfulness. Often, to complete the work, you need to spend 8 to 10 hours a day in front of the monitor. This is a lot and negatively affects both vision and the back, because a sedentary lifestyle affects the sciatic nerve, and hernias. There may be discomfort and pain in the back.
  • An experienced specialist will not take work for a small fee, but a novice IT specialist will. This increases competition in the labor market and reduces the chances of getting more money for work. Of course, large companies will work with proven specialists, and high pay is guaranteed here, but you will have to fight for additional orders on freelance exchanges.

Nevertheless, digital design is a promising direction. The designer in this area creates a story, not just a set of grids and fonts. When a director creates a scene, he wants the audience to feel a certain emotion: fear, sadness, sympathy, or joy. So the designer must create a product, putting emotions into it.

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