Different Ways to Refill Your Pod Mods

Pod mods are portable and small vaping devices that you can start using in a matter of minutes. Usually, it’s a small vaping device that comes with detachable pods. It also has an in-built battery with low wattage. Pods are clear plastic to let you see how much juice you have filled them in. It also has a mouthpiece and an in-built coil. It is a simple device that’s as easy to set up and refill as it is to use. 

However, if you have no prior experience in using pod mods, understandably, it might feel a bit confusing to you. So, here’s clearing your confusion by showing you ways to refill the pod mods.

1. Get the Pod and Start the Process

If you are using a new pod, open your package to get that out. Are you refilling the one used already? Bring that out of the batteries by twisting your pod or flipping the switch. Most pods in the market have a magnetic connection that works if you pull out the pod. 

2. Open Your Pod for Accessing the Fill Ports

In the next step, you need to gain access to the fill ports. Flip your pod upside down, and you will notice a small rubber plug that you can pull out. It will expose a hole in the device’s liquid reservoir.

In a few devices, the drip tip or the cap covering the fill hole can get unscrewed. Irrespective of that, there are ways to access the insides of the pod easily. In case it is locked down tightly and you get no access to the pod’s opening, ensure that you have refillable pod mods. Several pod devices come with a closed system, which means you cannot refill these using your liquid, and you need to purchase new pre-filled pods each time the juice runs out.

3. Time to Fill Up Your Refillable Pods

Since a majority of the refillable pods are tiny in size, they have tiny fill ports. It should not be an issue with most liquid bottles that have needle tubes at the top. However, if you are filling from the giant bottles with twist tops or glass bottles with eye droppers, you might need to transfer the e-liquid into another more convenient bottle to refill the pods.

It would help if you were highly careful while filling the pods to avoid any spillage. The device might have a proper line marked above which e-liquids should not get filled. If there are no fill lines, you can fill to the top while leaving some room for putting the cap on. Several pod mods come with two holes for e-liquid; if this one is yours and you cannot fill using one, squeezing some e-liquid into both sides might help. 

Keep a word of caution in mind. You should wipe all spills without delay and wash the hands quickly and thoroughly if you spill any nicotine, salt, and liquid on your hands. Your skin can absorb nicotine. The popular e-liquids found in the market for pod mods have heavy amounts of nicotine. Some products have a high nicotine content of forty milligrams/milliliter or higher. If even a few drops get absorbed through the skin, it might lead to nausea, headaches, and other signs of mild nicotine overdose.

The symptoms might be fatal for someone who has no experience with nicotine exposure. So, keep the e-liquids locked far away from the reach of the children. Wash your hands in case there is some spillage while refilling.

4. Increase the Wattage Level of the Pod Mod

Turning your wattage level up is one of the steps you should consider. Nowadays, most pods you find in the market let you increase the wattage level, though not every device offers this functionality. The output level of a device directly impacts both the vapor and flavor output of the mod. 

If you turn up the wattage, you will get more vapor and flavor from the device. But keep in mind that high wattages need low coil resistance levels. In case your pod mods come with multiple coils, an increase in wattage level would require you to have the coils replaced. 

5. Installation Is the Opposite of Removal

Are all the things topped and cleaned up? Now, you need to replace your fill caps and snap the pod mods back into the batteries. In case it is a new replacement, you should allow that to sit for a minimum of ten minutes before trying to vape. The wicks need some time to absorb some e-liquid, such that they do not burn when attempting a draw. In case you are re-utilizing old pods, and you did not run that bone dry, you would be ready to start vaping immediately.


Start following the tips shared here and refill the pods. Once you do it once or twice, you will need less time to fill the pods than you did reading this blog! It’s time that you put the newfound knowledge to fair use.