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What are Different Types of Portrait Photography Backgrounds


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People hire photographers for a professional photo shoot to capture and preserve the most beautiful memories of their lives. Childbirth, wedding, engagement and there are many occasions in life that you want to preserve so that you can revisit them in the future. A portrait is an artistic representation that attempts to capture the personality of the subject. It conveys your personality in a unique manner. 

If you are looking for a photographer for portrait photography, make sure that the photographer has a proven track record of a professional photo shoot. A good photographer captures a portrait in a natural way. Pose, background, subject and outfit of the subject get the focus when it comes to taking a portrait. Background is one of the aspects contributing to the mood and tone of the shot. These tips will help you in making the best background choice for portrait photography. 

Common Portrait Photography Backgrounds  

Blurred Background 

A blurred background requires the right aperture value and focal length adjustment. You will love the aesthetic result of the Bokeh effect. 


You can create an aesthetic effect with out of focus light. A background with well-defined circles created using small light sources will be great. 


Colors in the blurred background will not grab the attention of the observer. Therefore, the focus is always on the subject. 

Detailed Background 

You get a background with an interesting composition with added details. This allows you to use the background to convey a message or emotion. Your portrait gets unique settings with these details. 

Backgrounds with Texture 

You can create an abstract or vintage effect for your portraits with background texture. Pick muted colors or neutral tones. You can create a more original effect with a dark background. 

Studio Background 

If you want a background that represents settings such as landscapes, get a background with prints. If you are visiting a portrait studio for a professional photo shoot, this technique makes it easy to create perfect backgrounds. 

Solid Color Background 

You can infuse personality and energy into your portrait with a solid color background. The choice of color depends on your mood. Consider your outfit and skin tone while choosing a color. You can choose from green, yellow, purple and red.

Black Background 

If you are wearing colorful outfits, you look more amazing and stand out when you have a dark portrait background. This provides you with unique aesthetic results. You will love the versatility of dark backgrounds.        

White Background 

Want a classic choice for the portrait background? Go for white seamless background. If you use a good source of light to illuminate the background, this will give you the best results.  

You can use different types of backgrounds for your portraits including: 

  • Simple outdoor/indoor location  
  • Wrinkle-Free Vinyl
  • The Perks of Canvas
  • Muslin background 
  • Portable Backdrops
  • Colorful Seamless Paper
  • Try Floor Drops

You can also use the following everyday items to create backgrounds:

  • Tapestries
  • Colorful curtains
  • Blankets with motifs
  • A simple white wall
  • Cotton bed sheets

The most important decision you have to make is choosing the right photographer for a professional photo shoot. 

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