Different Types of Business Loans

Starting your own business is a pretty scary but beneficial experience if you know what you are doing. First, you need to make sure you are financially secure and a good way to do that is by securing a loan that will benefit you in the long run. Detailed in this article will be the different types of loans to consider when running your own business. 


If you want to start your own small business, you should definitely consider getting a line-of-credit loan. These are the most popular loans available for business owners and for a good reason. Line-of-credit lines are intended for stocking inventory and making sure operating costs are fully covered. They are great at protecting the business owner from emergencies however they are not intended for purchases like real estate. These short term loans extend cash to a business owner’s account for them to use on goods and services that they see apply to their business structure. 


Installment loans are also very popular with business owners. These loans are pretty self-explanatory in that you are required to pay back installments monthly. If you don’t have the funds to pay on a loan, it could negatively affect your credit and in turn, harm your business and reputation. Be sure that you have the funds to cover any additional issues and make payments in a timely manner.  If you need more time to pay off the loan, you are in luck.  There are some cases where you can take up to 21 years to completely pay off the loan from any bank if you qualify. 


Balloon Loans aren’t as common as the loans above and that is for the simple fact that many don’t apply for them. These loans are used for those businesses that need something quick in order to make ends meet and keep the lights on in their business. They are usually written under another name. Only the interest is paid off and you have a deadline to pay off the debt in full instead of paying monthly. It is best to avoid these loans if you can because the return is too costly as opposed to the reward. 


Interm Loans also aren’t particularly common with business owners. But when considering an interim loan, it is important to remember that bankers are concerned with those people that will pay the debt back in a timely manner. These loans are used to make periodic payments on goods and services rendered. 


Secured and unsecured loans are also another form of loan to consider if you are a business owner trying to find financing. Secured loans simply are loans that are backed by collateral. Depending on what collateral you use, this shows banks that you are a reliable source and someone that will promptly pay off all their debts in a timely manner. Unsecured loans are given to those that tend to have better credit because banks trust that they will repay the debt. These loans don’t require collateral and are easy to get for those that have a great credit score. 


When shopping around for a loan you should understand all the different routes you can go to get more bang for your buck. Researching those possibilities could be a long endeavor and you have to have enough patience in order to go about it correctly. If you are a business owner and you end up with the right loan at the right bank, you could really thrive and your business could withstand anything. Before applying for a loan, be sure your credit score is good and you have references that can back up your claim that you can pay off your debts.