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Difference Between ADU And Guest House

Wanting a place for your guests to stay when they visit that isn’t within your own home is a common desire for many people. Let’s be honest, it is a lot nicer knowing your in-laws are sleeping under a different roof than you at night so that you can have a small break from their long visit.

This desire though, has caused many people to wonder if they should build an ADU or a guest house in their backyard, which leads to the question: what is the difference between an ADU and guest house?

Perks Of A Guest House

Building a guest house can be great for your family due to a number of reasons. For starters, it allows people who visit their own privacy while at your home without having to rent a hotel room. They can use their own bathrooms, sleep in their own bed, and hang out by themselves early in the morning without having to interact with others before their morning coffee.

As the homeowner, you benefit by not having to reserve a special room in your house for guests. No more pull-out couches or kicking the kids out of their own bedrooms when someone comes to visit. Plus, you enjoy privacy to yourself at night too, which is much needed sometimes.

Perks Of An ADU

An ADU has many benefits. It adds value to your home, can act as a source of additional income, can be used to house aging family members, and can help combat the housing crisis in a more environmentally friendly way. You can build an ADU that is attached to your home, inside your home, a detached structure in your yard, or a conversion from a garage or pre-existing building.

Difference Between An ADU And Guest House

If you are looking to build an ADU yourself, you should know that a guest house and an ADU are the same things. Guest house is just another term used to describe an ADU. So, an additional dwelling unit can be used to house visitors, as well as to provide additional income to your home or increase your property value.

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