What is the Difference Between a Regular Safe and Gun Safe ?

Shall you store firearms in a regular safe? Why shall you buy a fingerprint gun safe? It is important to lock your guns away when not in use. For this, you need to know the difference between a regular safe and a gun safe. What is inside the safe makes a big difference. A fingerprint gun safe is designed to hold guns with extra security. This is the reason why it is more expensive than a regular safe.         

Regular Safe vs Gun Safe 

Accidental firing is responsible for most gun deaths in the US. Most of the time, this happens because of children or someone who should not handle a gun. There are many reasons why you should not use a regular safe to store guns. Always use safes that are designed for firearm safety and protection.   

A gun safe costs more than a regular safe. However, you don’t need to buy additional accessories for your safe. You will also have to spend less on maintenance and repair in the long run. The following are the important characteristics of a fingerprint gun safe: 

  • Mandatory door seal
  • Humidity and water damage 
  • Proper storage racks 

You will not get all these three features in a regular safe.  

A gun safe has proper racks to keep your guns secure and protect against theft or any kind of damage. You can store your guns upright, confined positions in a gun safe. When guns are not positioned securely in a safe, you need to worry about your firearm getting broken or scratched. When you store your guns in an upright position, it is easy to care for them. As there is no outdoor exposure, you don’t have to worry about dirt, grime and erosion. You cannot ignore the proper storage and maintenance of guns.  

A regular safe is designed to protect personal items such as documents, jewelry, cash, or memorabilia. However, humidity does not have a significant effect on these items. Storing guns requires special conditions. High humidity levels are not safe for your guns as metal parts may begin to rust. In addition to cosmetic issues, you will have to face functional issues as well. Rust may affect the trigger and make it difficult to fire properly. 

Not all regular safes have sealed doors. No fingerprint gun safe is constructed without a door seal. This seal maintains ideal levels of humidity in the gun safe. The seal does not let moisture enter the gun safe which is important for the gun safe and its content. 

The level of protection a gun safe provides against theft, water damage and fire damage depends on the thickness of the wall of the safe. The door is also an important factor to consider. The interior design is another important factor. 

A gun safe is designed to safely store guns with a variety of barrel lengths. On the other hand, a regular safe has open spaces for storing different types of possessions. 

These are important factors you need to consider while choosing a safe for your gun. Keep in mind that you need to maintain a low humidity, dry environment in your safe. It is important to monitor the environment inside the safe to avoid conditions that can be detrimental to your gun. 

When stored in a gun safe, your gun is immune to virtually any kind of damage.  

Similarities Between Regular Safes and Gun Safes 

Both regular safes and gun safes are metal cabinets designed to store and protect your possessions. Both types have thick walls to protect items stored inside from fire, water and other forces.

You can use a regular safe to store your gun. However, if you want to get the best protection, invest in a fingerprint gun safe.