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Did You Know: The Role of Viking Jewelry

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History Channel specials and medieval Christian manuscripts portray the Vikings as a largely raptorial and violent group, but literal substantiation suggests they were also a large advanced society of artists and tradesmen. When not out exploring new worlds, Vikings bettered at woodworking and metalwork. They’re great generators and suckers of art, including jewelry.  

According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the term” Vikings” is frequently used to describe medieval Scandinavian culture, when it flourished between the 790s and 1000s… Some dealers may have traveled as far as the Middle East, while the notorious Leif Erickson sailed as far as North America.

The Role of Viking Jewelry

Since the Vikings were always on the move — conquering this, attacking that — it was important for lords and soldiers to cement their alliances. One way to show a bond of fidelity is to change rings. Lords with the utmost of their wealth gave precious Viking rings to soldiers as a way to redistribute wealth and express gratitude. They also gave silver Viking bracelet for men, which was a status symbol.

Still, you will know that dragons are one of the fabulous brutes most despised by Norse lines If you’ve read Beowulf. In addition to breathing fire, dragons also represent the power essential in ethnical culture. Dragons stow treasures in dungeons and grottoes far from a city. For Vikings and other northern lines, wealth was used as a means of erecting community. The tycoons who bestowed the treasure formed an alliance to consolidate their position. The distribution of wealth means larger, safer, and further dynamic populations. Lords who stow wealth like dragons weaken the necessary social structures, rendering their wealth largely useless. 

Viking Jewelry for Men & Women 

The Vikings smelted a variety of art and jewelry from their treasure troves. Both men and women wore Viking jewelry, substantially made of silver or bronze, with gold jewelry generally reserved for the nobility. Women wear brooches and pendants that hold clothes together. On the other hand, men wear rings. These rings aren’t limited to fingers but can also be worn on the wrist, arm, and neck. Today, you can find huge productions in jewelry stores.

The Vikings acquired their wealth in colorful ways. First, they’re dealers. Viking coins and poems have reached numerous corners of the world. ultimately, the Vikings realized that precious essence, as well as other luxuries, could be more fluently attained by raiding cloisters in England, Ireland, and northern Europe. In those days, Viking vessels were fast and English cloisters were insulated and weakly defended along the seacoast. It’s extensively believed that the Vikings'” reign of terror” began with the attack on Lindisfarne Abbey in England in 793. 


So while the early Vikings frequently raided the rich cloisters of the British Islands and stole numerous stylish treasures, I try to suppose the Vikings as” art collectors” and” jewelry dilettantes “. 

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