Diagnosing A Furnace Whether To Repair Or Replace

The need to have a functioning furnace is imperative to homeowners. If the furnace decides to stop working in the bitter cold, it can be detrimental to the elderly and small children. As the months slowly work their way towards the first frost, it’s a sign that it’s time to have the system serviced and allow a Toronto furnace repair service to make any necessary fixes or consider the replacement altogether. There are many advantages to seeking out early servicing such as:

  • Performing maintenance during the summer months or early fall will allow the opportunity to look into various different options, shop around for estimates, and compare units.
  • When the season is in high demand, there may be more costs associated with the parts that are needed as well as the labor.
  • Servicing early allows opportunities to save up the money for a costly repair or new installation prior to the bad weather coming.

It’s difficult to know if a furnace system is in need of repair or replacement for the average homeowner and many don’t invest in regular servicing. There are symptoms to be aware of indicating that it’s time for a checkup and whether the results will lead to a new installation or a repair.

Should The Furnace Be Replaced Or Repaired?

The decision as to whether the furnace should be fixed or a new one put in can be overwhelming regardless of the time of year that the expense hits. When trying to determine whether to hold onto the old or be fitted with a newer efficient model, there’s no right or wrong answer but there are factors that could alter the decision. These things will help a majority of homeowners realize whether furnace repair is going to be sufficient or whether appliance installation in Toronto is going to be a necessity.

Carbon Monoxide

If carbon monoxide is being emitted from the furnace, the furnace needs replacing, no repairs, immediately. This is an indication that there is a cracked combustion chamber that is allowing the leak of carbon monoxide into the home and exposing the family. An extended length of time of being subjected to inhalation of carbon monoxide has the potential to cause death.  Signs that there is a leak:

  • The furnace burner flame is a blue color rather than yellow.
  • The walls, windows, and other surfaces in the home are holding excess moisture.
  • Pipes are showing rust.
  • The furnace has soot streaked around it.
  • There is no upward draft within the chimney.
  • Anyone in the family is having symptoms such as disorientation, headaches, nausea, or other types of flu-like complaints.

This is cause to immediately evacuate, notify the utility company to shut down the gas, and call the fire department, plus get proper medical care prior to scheduling replacement of the unit.

Old Furnace

The U.S. Department of Energy indicates that a furnace has the ability to last from 15 to upwards of 30 years before a replacement is warranted depending on the brand, quality, and a variety of other factors. After a multitude of expensive fixes, it may be more cost-effective to replace the unit.

The Cost

Experts suggest that if a repair to the furnace is going to exceed over 50% of what it would cost in order to replace it, it is wise to replace it. If it’s further along in its life expectancy, there should be a replacement if the cost of repair is over a third of the cost to replace.

Utility Cost Increase

There may be a fluctuation in the cost of heating for reasons such as supply and demand or possibly weather patterns. But if there are unusual increases happening regularly on the heating invoice, this means that the furnace is consuming far more energy than it should. This is a sign to have the system serviced.


One of the toughest things to do is narrowing down the choices among the Toronto furnace repair services. This will require research, references, and recommendations from those who have received either repairs or appliance installation in Toronto. Using a quality service will ensure a good return on the investment that is made.