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Diablo Enthusiast Excitedly Discovers a Touch of Nostalgia at his Girlfriend’s Home.


A visit from a Reddit user to their fiancé reveals a treasure trove of classic Diablo merchandise.

First released in January 1997, the Diablo franchise has sold over 24 million copies across its three main games and numerous expansions. The popularity of the series means that there is plenty of merchandise available, with even original copies of the games themselves being highly valuable to fans.


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Redditor /U/PM_Me_UR_BEEFCAKE stumbled across a nostalgic Diablo collection during a recent visit. Two original PC copies, including eight CDs still in their paper sleeves, are displayed in release order alongside two copies of Diablo 2 that include the Lord of Destruction expansion. The collection also features a Battle Chest filled with strategy guides and a Blizzard Entertainment product catalog. Notably absent is anything related to 2022’s controversial Diablo Immortal. While retro game collectors often pay large amounts to acquire old hardware and software on online auction sites, Diablo is one of the few exceptions where the games are relatively easy to come by. The only question is whether the Reddit user’s fiancé is willing to part with the collection.

Preserving old games and hardware is a challenge in the gaming industry, though some companies are better at it than others. Retro gaming collections are often expensive, but finding a complete collection of old games like this at no charge is a rare and exciting experience. However, some fellow Redditors in the comments point out that the visible CD keys could render the entire collection useless to their owner in the future, as someone else could register them on the game’s online servers. This casts doubt on the future viability of the collection, highlighting ongoing issues within the gaming industry regarding downloadable content.

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Source: Reddit

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