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Diablo 4: You almost completely agree on the respec feature – WhatsNew2Day


We wanted to know what you think of the respec feature in Diablo 4. The result is very clear.

Gone are the days of skilling your Diablo character to a dead end and messing up your build completely. In Diablo 4 you have the option to redistribute your skill points for in-game money. So if you want to experiment with different skills and build variants, you only need a bit of jingling gold in your pocket.

The price was originally intended to increase sharply over time. Blizzard is now rowing back a little and announcing that the respec will not drive you into financial ruin.

Lawsuit against Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard is currently facing a lawsuit alleging sexism and unequal treatment of female employees. If the grievances play a role in your purchase decision, we have summarized all the information on the sexism lawsuit in a detailed article for you. You can read our attitude and consequences to the processes in a leading article on the Blizzard scandal by GameStar editor-in-chief Heiko Klinge.

What do you think of the respec feature?

But what do GameStar users actually think of the feature? That’s what we wanted to know from you in a survey. The result speaks for itself:

1681639210 136 Diablo 4 You almost completely agree on the respec feature

A total of 67 percent of you think the feature is great! And this despite the fact that the Respecen caused lively discussions after the Diablo 4 beta. After all, especially in Diablo 1 and 2, it was about preparing your build beforehand and planning it down to the smallest detail. Diablo 3 loosened up this system, Diablo 4 continues the new tradition.

Only 6 percent of you mourn this decision and find the new system stupid – for this small minority every decision should also have meaning. Incidentally, 23 percent are in favor of charging a high price for the respec; 5 percent don’t care at all about the topic.

»Respec is simply more modern«

In the comments on the survey, you exchanged detailed information on the topic. Here, too, different perspectives emerge. Plus user ToMiBriX writes:

(Respec) is simply more modern and, given the short gaming time that you have with the flood of games, more than fair.

Fugenritzenstoff not only sees the respec feature as a modern system, but also criticizes Blizzard’s traditional approach:

I’ve never understood how restricting or completely banning reskilling is supposed to enhance gameplay or improve the game in general. The only thing it achieves is an imposed grind that keeps the player from doing what is actually fun.
In that sense, I welcome Blizzard’s insight.

The comment gets a lot of approval, but some users see it differently and value the fact that their decisions also carry weight. User Scario writes something like:

I’m not talking specifically about Diablo, but in general. I think there are just different types of players. Of course, the concept of permanent decisions does not appeal to every player. Personally, I’m a fan of ‘expecting’ more of it from players, since there are still temporary decisions like gear etc. anyway.

PukerattheUnclean also agrees and sees a middle way as the optimal solution:

So my personal opinion is: Respec Yes. But not free of charge and also not payable out of petty cash. I know the counter-arguments about being overskilled, being forced to study online guides, etc.

No, you are not forced into anything and a character needs identity. I get identity through decisions and compromises – even if I can change them again for a rare item or a lot of gold, every skill point still has weight.

Free or easily paid lategame respecs are a very bad thing for me, but in the starting phase, up to about level 50-70, I find it a good thing. A build needs to be tried and shaped, but when it manifests, everything needs to have weight and identity. That’s my personal take on it.

Of course we are still interested in your opinion. Do you agree with the poll results? Or do you see it more like the minority and think it’s a shame that the respec feature makes spec decisions more arbitrary? Or do you also think that a compromise is the right solution? Write it to us in the comments!

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