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Diablo 4 is getting its first huge update that rebalances the different classes


Diablo 4 just got its first huge update and it’s mostly about balancing the five starting classes players can use to take down Lilith and salvage what they can.

Blizzard shared update notes and some reasons behind the changes in a post on the team’s blog, and the statement says the team is mostly happy with where the characters are currently. However, the team knows there is “always room for improvement,” and to that end, it has revealed the three categories that will see those changes.

Blizzard also understands that “class balance is a journey, not a destination,” so it’s important to note that it’s clear that more balance changes will be on the way, and Blizzard hopes that these tweaks will make players’ gear and equipment “fun, powerful, and reasonably competitive.”

Some of his changes include reducing Barbarian’s Challenging Shout damage from skill ranks from 4% to 2%, increasing Druid’s Lightning Storm damage from 32% to 40%, increasing damage to Necromancer’s army from 30% to 45% and reducing his cooldown from 90 to 70 seconds, and more.

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