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Diablo 4 is getting another beta! This is what awaits you on the final test weekend – WhatsNew2Day


Diablo 4 gets a third beta weekend in May.

Big surprise for Diablo 4 fans! On the evening of April 20th, a developer livestream for the long-awaited role-playing game took place again. This time, the devs around game director Joe Shely invited the YouTuber and Diablo professional Rhykker to chat about the current status of the game.

But the highlight of the stream was the big surprise that was revealed at the end of the broadcast: There will be a third beta weekend called server slam give!

In this article we summarize all the important information about the third beta that you need to know now.

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Here’s what to expect in the next beta of Diablo 4

When does the third beta start? The final beta is scheduled to take place from May 12th to 14th, 2023. However, we expect that the beta in this country will run one day longer because of the US time, so that you can play from Friday to Monday.

What can you expect in the beta? The beta will be largely the same in content as the previous beta weekends. Blizzard wants to use the server slam to test the server capacities for the release. So you will explore the same region again and the maximum you can reach is level 25.

However, there are also some innovations: Blizzard recently announced over 70 changes since the beta, including improvements to the dungeon layout and class balance. These will already be included in the next beta.

The highly effective farming of dungeons, as we showed you in the following video, will no longer be possible:

Diablo 4: We show you the dungeon for the best loot in the beta

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Diablo 4: We show you the dungeon for the best loot in the beta

After this beta, there shouldn’t be any major changes at release since it recently went gold – so you play the first 25 character levels as you’ll find them in the final game.

New reward: There will also be a new reward that you can earn in the beta for the release version. If you reach at least level 20 and defeat the world boss Ashava, you will receive a trophy for your mount – so you can hang a horn of the huge demon on your horse. That’s why the world boss will appear every three hours and not just once a day.

If you reach level 20 and then defeat Ashava, you can anchor this horn to your horse in Diablo 4.

If you reach level 20 and then defeat Ashava, you can anchor this horn to your horse in Diablo 4.

What else happened? In the past few days, Rhykker has been able to put a current build of Diablo 4 through its paces at Blizzard and was enthusiastic about the endgame, about which a lot of new things were also revealed in the stream.

For example, some new unique items were shown. What Diablo veterans are guaranteed to be happy about: Among other things, the popular harlequin crown from Diablo 2 is making a comeback – and grants +4 to all of your character’s skills.

In addition, the developers went into more detail on the Paragon system and showed how distributing the points affects your character’s build. The most exciting finding is that due to the randomness factor on the Paragon boards, no two characters should be the same.

Since the nodes on the Paragon boards can appear in different rarities from normal to legendary, even two characters with the same class build should never play completely the same.

Are you looking forward to the third beta weekend and will you be diving into Sanctuary again? Or have you already seen enough and prefer to wait for the release? Write it to us in the comments!

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